Is alcohol allowed at the Saudi Arabian GP in Jeddah?


The Saudi Arabian GP is scheduled to take place from 17 to 19 March at the Jeddah Corniche Circuit – is alcohol allowed?

If you are travelling to Saudi Arabia for the first time ever, there are certain rules and regulations that you must be aware of. As a fan, it is understandable that you want to enjoy the F1 experience to the fullest but Saudi Arabia is a conservative Muslim country and there are certain restrictions.

While it’s pretty normal for fans to enjoy wine, alcohol and other beverages at most circuits around the world, it is illegal to do so at the Jeddah circuit. As per Islamic laws, drinking alcohol is banned and the same rule applies for foreign visitors who will be attending the Saudi Arabian GP this weekend.

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Is alcohol allowed at the Saudi Arabian GP in Jeddah? 3

Besides the ban on drinking alcohol, there are restrictions in place which apply to clothing and public appearance. F1 fans are advised to dress modestly – men should not wear shorts and women should cover their knees/shoulders and wear a headscarf or hijab.

Tourists should not take pictures of others without permission and should be respectful while prayers are offered – which is five times each day.

How is the weather expected to be for this weekend’s Saudi Arabian GP?

F1 action moves to Saudi Arabia this weekend after an enthralling Bahrain GP. The heat has always been a concern during F1 races in the Middle East and it often affects the ultimate result. The forecast for the weekend in Saudi Arabia looks bright and sunny with zero chances of rain as expected.

The temperature will be hot and teams will need to adjust to the conditions. There is no forecast of rain or thunderstorms throughout the weekend, which is great news for fans, drivers, and teams alike.

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Is alcohol allowed at the Saudi Arabian GP in Jeddah? 4

Friday is expected to be sunny and warm with temperatures around 30 degrees celsius. The qualifying session on Saturday will take place under similar type of conditions. The main race on Sunday should have decent conditions for racing, especially since it’s a night race with temperatures expected to be below 30 degrees Celsius. However, teams will have to sort out their equipment and gear to avoid profuse sweating. Fans should also avoid heavy clothing and opt for lighter, stretchable outfits.

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