F1 Fantasy 2023: Picks this week for the United States Grand Prix

F1 Fantasy
F1 Fantasy

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F1 action moves to the US this weekend and it’s time to take a close look at the potential fantasy game changers at the Circuit of the Americas

F1 Fantasy
F1 Fantasy

The United States has become a focal point in the realm of Formula 1, captivating fans’ anticipation for the upcoming US Grand Prix. The 2023 F1 season has indeed underlined Red Bull’s dominant position. Presently, the focus is firmly on the Circuit of the Americas, underscoring the importance of contemplating adjustments within teams.

This juncture in the season bears substantial importance, stressing the need for shrewd strategic choices to avoid lagging behind. Let’s explore possible decisions that might enhance your prospects of achieving better fantasy rankings during the approaching race weekend.

F1 Fantasy
F1 Fantasy (Credits: F1)

With the new season regulations, you now have the chance to make two changes to your team without incurring extra expenses before the Grand Prix, offering a chance to boost your team’s chances in the upcoming race weekend. Although Sergio Perez has been a popular choice for many teams, his recent performance and cost might prompt you to think about a replacement.

Red Bull’s dominance in the competition is apparent, causing other teams to struggle. Drivers like Fernando Alonso, Esteban Ocon, and Pierre Gasly emerge as cost-effective and promising options that deserve your attention.

Selecting a combination of Red Bull and Aston Martin for the two Constructor slots appears to be a sensible choice, striking a balance between scoring points and staying within budget constraints.

However, if Red Bull’s expenses exceed your budget limits, Mercedes could serve as a feasible alternative. By making strategic swaps and thoughtful team selections, you can enhance your chances of achieving a favorable position in the upcoming US Grand Prix.

What should be the strategy for the final few races of this F1 season?

The US Grand Prix signifies the start of the final stretch of races for the season, emphasizing the need for a well-thought-out strategy and thorough preparation to achieve the best results.

It’s wise to establish a strong core for your team by choosing two drivers from the trio of Verstappen, Hamilton, and Leclerc, who can be the central figures of your team.

To round out your lineup effectively, think about including Carlos Sainz and George Russell as potential additions, providing support to your main drivers. Additionally, if you’re looking for a cost-effective yet capable option, Lance Stroll stands out as a promising choice.

For those who find themselves trailing in points, it’s a smart move to deviate from the commonly chosen team templates to make up ground.

Max Verstappen’s consistent performance makes him a favorite for many teams, and Lewis Hamilton’s success record at this circuit also makes him a solid choice.

When considering the use of chips, it’s worth considering the Red Bull drivers. Nevertheless, the most crucial piece of advice is not to overlook the fundamental step: make sure you save and confirm your team before the Saturday evening deadline.

Is Lewis Hamilton a ‘must-pick’ for the US Grand Prix?

Lewis Hamilton’s success at the US Grand Prix is characterized by a string of dominant performances over the years. Since the inception of the Circuit of the Americas in Austin, Texas, in 2012, Hamilton has consistently showcased his mastery of the track. He has secured a record number of wins at this venue, underscoring his exceptional driving skills and adaptability to the varied track conditions.

Lewis Hamilton
Lewis Hamilton

Hamilton’s achievements at the US Grand Prix have been marked by his exceptional consistency. He has often navigated the tricky sections of the circuit with precision, demonstrating a deep understanding of the nuances of the track layout. Whether it’s managing tire strategies, overtaking competitors, or handling adverse weather conditions, Hamilton’s versatility and strategic brilliance have been key factors in his success.

Furthermore, Lewis Hamilton’s rapport with the American fanbase has played a pivotal role in his success at the US Grand Prix. His magnetic personality and engagement with the crowd have made him a fan favorite, with the Circuit of the Americas often featuring an electric atmosphere during his races. His success at the event has not only solidified his status as a global icon but also helped boost Formula 1’s popularity in the United States.

F1 Fantasy
F1 Fantasy

In addition to his on-track accomplishments, Hamilton’s dedication to social and environmental causes has added a unique dimension to his success at the US Grand Prix. His advocacy for diversity, inclusion, and sustainability has resonated with fans and sponsors alike, making him a true ambassador for the sport. This combination of racing prowess and social impact makes Lewis Hamilton’s success at the US Grand Prix a story of both sporting excellence and global significance.

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