F1 Fantasy 2023: Picks this week for the Mexican Grand Prix


F1 action moves to Mexico this weekend and it’s time to take a close look at the potential fantasy game changers at Autodromo Hermanos Rodriguez

Mexico is now the center of attention in the world of Formula 1, generating excitement among fans as they eagerly await the Mexican Grand Prix. The 2023 F1 season has clearly showcased Red Bull’s strong dominance. Currently, all eyes are on Autodromo Hermanos Rodriguez, highlighting the necessity for teams to consider making adjustments. This moment in the season carries great significance, emphasizing the importance of making smart strategic decisions to prevent falling behind. Let’s delve into potential choices that could improve your chances of achieving higher fantasy rankings in the upcoming race weekend.

F1 Fantasy
F1 Fantasy

Under the revamped season rules, you’re presented with the opportunity to modify two aspects of your team at no additional cost before the Grand Prix, which can potentially enhance your team’s prospects for the upcoming race weekend.

Despite Sergio Perez’s popularity among many teams, his recent performance and associated expenses may encourage you to consider a replacement. Red Bull’s clear supremacy in the competition has created challenges for other teams. Drivers such as Fernando Alonso, Esteban Ocon, and Pierre Gasly are emerging as budget-friendly and promising alternatives that warrant your consideration.

Opting for a combination of Red Bull and Aston Martin for the two Constructor slots seems like a prudent decision, as it helps maintain a balance between accumulating points and adhering to budget restrictions. Nonetheless, if Red Bull’s costs surpass your budget limitations, Mercedes could offer a viable substitute. Through strategic swaps and careful team choices, you can increase your likelihood of securing a favorable position in the upcoming Mexican Grand Prix.

What should be the strategy for the final few races of this F1 season?

The Mexican Grand Prix marks the commencement of the final series of races in the season, underscoring the importance of careful strategy and thorough preparation to attain optimal results. It’s a prudent move to establish a strong foundation for your team by selecting two drivers from the trio of Verstappen, Hamilton, and Leclerc, who can serve as the core of your team. To complement your roster effectively, consider adding Carlos Sainz and George Russell as potential contributors, offering support to your primary drivers. Furthermore, if you seek an economical yet competent choice, Lance Stroll emerges as a promising option.

If you’re lagging behind in points, it’s a wise strategy to depart from the commonly used team setups to catch up. Max Verstappen’s reliable performances make him a popular pick, and Lewis Hamilton’s track record at this circuit also makes him a strong choice. When contemplating the use of chips, giving thought to the Red Bull drivers is worthwhile. However, the most vital piece of advice is not to overlook the fundamental step: ensure you save and confirm your team before the Saturday evening deadline.

F1 Fantasy 2023: Chip Guide

With only four races left for the season, it is important that you use your remaining chips. Let us take a comprehensive look at each chip that you have in store for the season.

1. Extra DRS: This chip triples the entire race weekend score of a single driver, even if they have negative points. For instance, using it on Charles Leclerc in Bahrain resulted in a -33 point deduction.

2. No Negative: The No Negative chip sets the final score to zero for any driver or constructor with a score below zero, but it won’t prevent penalties for losing points.

3. Limitless: The intriguing Limitless chip allows unlimited transfers during a race weekend without cost restrictions. It lets you create an optimal lineup based on predictions and practice performance.

4. Wildcard: This chip offers unlimited transfers before and during a race weekend, with the usual cost cap restrictions.

5. Auto-Pilot: The Auto-Pilot chip automatically applies the 2X DRS Boost to your highest-scoring driver, protecting against negative points being doubled.

6. Final Fix: Final Fix allows one change between qualifying and the Grand Prix start. Points earned until the change still count, and it doesn’t trigger a penalty for using up your free transfers for the week.

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