F1 Fantasy 2023: Picks this week for the Saudi Arabian Grand Prix


F1 Fantasy is back this weekend and it’s time to take a closer look at the potential game-changers at the Saudi Arabian GP

The opening week of the F1 2023 season went as expected with Red Bull dominating the grid. It’s now time to make a few tweaks to your team as the action moves to Jeddah this weekend. With a number of changes and modifications in place this season, it’s important that you get your tactics right to avoid lagging behind at the very start of the season.

You will get two free substitutions ahead of the Grand Prix. Use them to bring in drivers you feel will do well in Jeddah. If you don’t have Perez yet, just get him in! Red Bull are clearly setting the pace from the start and no other team looks in shape to catch up at the moment. A double up on Red Bull is the way to go and Fernando Alonso provides you with a good option as a valuable budget pick. When it comes to the two Constructor slots, Ferrari and Aston Martin are easy choices ahead of the rest of the pack.

Is it the correct time to maximise the returns and use your chips on the Red Bull drivers? Our answer – No. Save it for the future, it’s a marathon, not a sprint. The most important part is – Remember to save and submit your teams before deadline which is the qualifying session on Saturday evening.

Recap of new changes in F1 Fantasy 2023

New to F1 fantasy? Missed the starting deadline? No need to worry! We will run you through the changes in this edition of the official F1 fantasy which will help you to make the best possible team starting afresh ahead of the Saudi Arabian GP.

F1 Fantasy
F1 Fantasy (Credits: F1)

The primary change this season is that users will get the opportunity to pick two constructors instead of just one, and five drivers – but the $100million budget will stay the same. Another new addition in the scoring system is that there will be fastest lap points for the constructors, which will be added to the points already scored by the two drivers of that team. There will be two free substitutions each week this season, with a maximum of one unused sub being able to be carried over. It’s important to remember that those carry overs do not accumulate, so there will be a maximum of three substitutions each week. Users will be penalised four points if an additional substitution is made.

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