Enshrouded Melodies of the Mire: Explore Blackmire and New Gameplay Features



What’s included in the new Enshrouded Melodies of the Mire update? Is there a new weapon? Find out everything.

Enshrouded is a riveting survival thriller game. Even before the full version release, makers of Enshrouded keep adding new patch updates and events. The second major update for Enshrouded has been announced. Melodies of the Mire, the second update has been released and players can travel to the new biome as well.

Enshrouded Melodies of the Mire Update – Everything You Need to Know

Surviving in the Blackmire will be a challenge for players and you have to start with your first base. Character level 13-15 will be able to explore the depths of this biome without struggling much. Also, the player-based quest progression feature is added to Embervale. Players can complete quests individually and every challenge can be found in the quest journal.

Musical instruments make their way to the Embervale. Flameborn can groove to the tunes with friends or perform individually as well. The Vanity system feature is another addition to Enshrouded and players can hide armor sets and customize avatars in visual style without losing combat stats.

Enshrouded v0.7.2.0 – Daggers, Gameplay Changes & More

Enshrouded Melodies of the Mire

A powerful melee weapon will be available from the new Enshrouded season. Assassins can use dual-wielded daggers. The weapon comes with sharp razor blades that can slay monsters and drain their energy. This weapon will be available with other Enshrouded weapons and some equipment will receive multiple buffs. Gameplay changes for all main Enshrouded classes will be live. Here’s everything included for each class.


  • Eternal Spark will be the new mage skill and this doesn’t consume durability with attacks
  • Unity skill is buffed from 2% mana regeneration rate to 4%
  • Bloodletting skill that spawns 100% orbs is fixed
  • Counterstrike skill will not affect killed monsters 
  • The skill Terror that causes the stun phase to last more than 4s is sorted 
  • Water Aura skill gets a buff 


  • Finesse is the new warrior skill. It grants reduced durability loss for one-handed weapons and daggers
  • Opportunity is another skill for warriors. It will add 100% to the multiplier of Merciless Strike and Sneak Attack
  • Steadfast, the new melee skill retrieves 1 durability to the weapon 
  • The Breach skill triggers once the stun bar of enemies is full 
  • Merciless strike skill receives 100% extra damage


  • Daggers will be available to rangers as loot in all zones of Embervale 
  • Armors like Assassin Gloves will get perks to assist the dagger gameplay 
  • Dagger Master will increase damage dealt with daggers by 15%
  • The Multi Shot skill using extra special arrows is fixed 
  • Bosses will be stunned for a long time
  • The issue of upward impulse from the Bee Sting skill missing has been sorted

Player Progression 

  • Cleaned Bandages will remove the poisoned status effects 
  • Side-quests will reward high XP
  • Bows will lose durability 
  • Metalstar Maces will drop in the best quality 
  • An incorrect animation for the Merciless Strike while using the Dragon Sword is fixed
  • You can craft the Explosive Powder Ball Net quickly 
  • The Radiant Paladin helmet and glove items will get high stats
  • The recipes for  grappling hook and gliders will be added to the Essentials section

Building, Farming & Enemies 

  • You have to use Yucca to craft Yucca Palm Seedlings 
  • Minor issues with recipes for furniture and decorative props are fixed 
  • Planting speed is increased 
  • Attacks of Vukah soldiers will be fast and difficult to parry
  • The entire Vukah faction is expanded 
  • Enemy encounters are upgraded everywhere 
  • Regions near Nomad Highlands’ Elixir Well will an upgrade 
  • All benches will offer more spaces
  • New music tracks will be available for Dungeon and Cave playlists
  • Shadow visuals are improved
  • Tombstones will now show the name of the fallen player
  • State of durability weapons can be found in the details menu
  • The display of damage bonus to Merciless Strike on weapons is improved 
  • Text cut off by UI menus and all Typos are fixed
  • Range for gifting items to players will be 50m
  • Enshrouded is optimized for the Steam Deck

These are the major updates and additions for Enshrouded Melodies of the Mire season update. Embark on a new journey in the Embervale and hunt down monsters.

Is Building Bases in Difficult?

Constructing bases is the primary task for Enshrouded beginners. You have to find a spot where there are abundant resources. Also, you have to set up a work bench and flame altar to kickstart your campaign.

How to Survive in Enshrouded?

In Enshrouded, survival is key. You have to craft weapons, collect food items and get water. Managing hunger and thirst level is also crucial.

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