Expensive boats owned by WWE Superstars


It might seem like an unlikely combination, the largest land mammals on Earth taking to the sea. Okay, we may have used a little poetic license, but the point still stands, wrestlers are big. They are man mountains and the last place you expect to find a mountain is in the water, but it seems there’s some strange link between these behemoths and their boats.

We’re going to take a look at the most famous boats owned by wrestlers, boats that hold wrestling competitions, and some boat-themed wrestling moments. It might sound strange, but there are more than you might think!

Chris Jericho

Chris Jericho faced off against Orange Cassidy
Chris Jericho faced off against Orange Cassidy at Fyter Fest (FITE Twitter)

The first place that most wrestling fans’ minds would have gone to is Chris Jericho. This wrestler is famed for his love of boats, such love in fact, that he bought a cruise ship called the Norwegian Gem.

This ship has been tearing up the waters with Chris at the helm for nearly three years now and the pair are showing no signs of slowing down. Rather than being just a pleasure boat, Chris invites wrestling fans to come aboard and enjoy a with a wrestling theme.

Of course, the idea of a themed cruise is nothing new. You can embark on a cruise themed around just about any decade from the past hundred years. A Beach Boys cruise, a fully decked out casino cruise, so why not a wrestling cruise? Chris Jericho got to this thought before any other wrestler did and as a consequence, his cruise ship makes him a stack of cash. The most budget-friendly options come in at $849 per person, based on two sharing a cabin, whilst the most expensive is a whopping $3500.

Although it isn’t a particularly cheap holiday, where else do you get the chance to spend four days with a bunch of wrestling nuts. Not just chatting about wrestling, but actually watching it?

There’s a full wrestling line-up for guests to watch, as well as hot tubs, a casino, a full-size pool, plenty to eat, and even more to drink. The Rager at Sea’s Triple Whammy promises to be even bigger than previous efforts and will take you around the Caribbean Sea to top it all off. So, where do we sign?

Kevin Owens

Kevin Owens WWE
Expensive boats owned by WWE Superstars 4

Kevin Owens isn’t lucky enough to own his own ship, but he does have a strange fascination with one boat in particular. The pirate ship at the Raymond James Stadium in Tampa Bay. This ship is at the home of the Tampa Bay Buccaneers and Owens is obsessed with the idea of jumping off it.

He promised fans that he would jump from the enormous boat at Wrestlemania 36. However, owing to cancellations and restrictions around the event, he couldn’t come good on that promise. Since then, he was caught tweeting about his plans to pull off the stunt at Wrestlemania 37, but yet again his plans were spoiled. Who’s to say if Owens will be attempting this feat for the third time, we’d really like to see it.

Vince McMahon

Vince McMahon is making big changes around WWE
Expensive boats owned by WWE Superstars 5

Head Honcho of the WWE, Vince McMahon has devoted his life to having absolutely loads of fun. So, it should come as no surprise that he too has bagged himself a yacht. Of course, that’s not particularly unusual, plenty of high-flying businessmen have yachts, but what is unusual about Vince’s is its name, Sexy B*tch.

When wife Linda McMahon was running for office, this knowledge became public and as you would expect, the media had a field day. When speculations were made about who the boat was named after, Vince pretty coolly said it was named after himself. If anyone can get away with that, it’s Vince McMahon.