Evil Genius 2 Tier List – April 2022


Evil Genius 2 is a fun little game where you can live out the fantasy of every fictional villain. Here is our Evil Genius 2 Tier List to help you choose the best Henchman.

Rebellion Developments developed and released Evil Genius 2: World Domination, a real-time strategy and simulation video game. The player is charged with building a criminal lair on a tropical island in order to covertly develop a doomsday bomb while posing as a casino owner. To support the operation of the base and unlock additional activities, players must construct various rooms, infrastructure, and amenities, as well as set up traps that kill intruding agents and maintain the facility’s defenses. 

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In order to acquire gold, players must send their minions out into the world to fulfill missions and commit crimes. Players would build their own criminal network over time, enlisting powerful crime lords as minions. Players can also unlock minion specialists and special loot items by completing side stories. Find out which are the best henchmen in our Evil Genius 2 Tier List.

Evil Genius 2 Tier List

Our Evil Genius 2 Tier List is divided into 3 tiers – Tier 1, Tier 2, and Tier 3. Tier 1 henchmen are the greatest and most highly recommended in the game. Similarly, tier 3 features characters that we do not advocate using. Because Evil Genius 2 only allows you to assemble a team of five henchmen, it’s critical to select just the strongest characters. You can now do so by determining the best henchman in the game utilizing our tier list.

Tier 1

As said before, Tier 1 in this Evil Genius 2 list contains the game’s best henchmen. They have all of the powers and skills you’ll need to assemble the perfect villainous dream team! You’ll notice that with characters like these, you’ll be able to enjoy and progress through the game more easily.


Jubei is a fantastic high-damage melee henchman with a variety of powerful abilities. Jubei’s first action, flow, causes him to turn blue and begin doing considerably more damage and moving quicker with each hit. Jubei’s second ability, Windwalk, allows him to teleport to ANYWHERE in your lair, allowing you to easily use hit-and-run tactics to defeat your opponents.

Fugu Furakawa

Fugu is a Henchmen who specializes in poisoning Agents at close and long ranges. Fugu’s first action, Food Poisoning, allows her to give a poison dish to an Agent, killing most low-level Agents and allowing your Minions to attack higher-level Agents while they are stunned. Her second action, Blow Fish explosion, allows her to throw a Blow Fish at an Agent, dealing damage in the same way that Dr. Magnolia’s action does, but exclusively to Agents. 

Fugu Furakawa has a hidden perk that allows her to plan plans on the world stage that can reduce heat for free while also giving you $120000 for a small number of low-level Minions.

Dr. Magnolia

Dr. Magnolia is an excellent henchman who possesses numerous crowd control and healing abilities as well as a powerful melee assault. Contagion is Dr. Ming’s first action, which allows her to throw a canister of gas at Agents, dealing massive damage but also causing harm to your Minions and Henchmen. Her second action, cure, has the potential to heal your Minions and Agents, therefore it’s better to keep her hidden.


IRIS is an Incredible Henchman who deals huge damage at a distance and is the game’s only reliable tank. Her first action, reroute power, renders her invulnerable to hostile attacks for a short time while rapidly restoring vitality. Security Network Link, IRIS’s second action, allows her to operate as a security camera with a long-range that can summon guards.


Incendio, despite his shortcomings, is a good deception henchman. His abilities are good and effective, and he has a ranged attack that deals a lot of damage. Magic Trick is Incendio’s first action, which attracts Agents and Tourists while dealing high-resolution damage. His second action, Misdirection, makes Incendio invisible to Tourists, making it easier for Agents to get distracted. 

Tier 2

In Evil Genius, the Tier 2 henchman can be deemed average at best. These characters are neither particularly excellent nor particularly bad. They fall somewhere in the middle of this list, based on their abilities and capabilities.

Sir Daniel

Sir Daniel is a long-range hunter capable of killing most Agents in a single shot and decimating super Agents with ease. Camouflage is his first action, and it allows him to conceal from Agents while also allowing him to deal massive damage if he gets a jump on his victim. Sir Daniel’s second action, Trap, allows him to lay a trap anywhere in your lair, trapping Agents for your guards to attack.

Eli Barracuda

Eli is a fantastic Henchman with a lot of melee damage and a lot of skills. His first action, Silver Revolver, allows him to draw his legendary Silver Revolver and kill Agents. If he is in a good position, he can easily kill Atomic Olga and lower-level Agents. Silver Tongue, his second action, allows him to use his charisma to deal significant damage to Agents while also regenerating his stats. It also doesn’t cost anything!

Full Metal Jackie

Jackie is an excellent long-range and crowd control henchman, as long as you can maintain your muscle minions. Jackie’s first action is Fire Sale, which allows her to set enemies on fire while also causing damage to her own lair. Hand Guns, her second action, equip muscle minions near her with, well, handguns!

Tier 3

The henchmen in Evil Genius’ tier 3 are the least recommended in the game. In terms of skills and abilities, these characters don’t have much to offer. When playing the game, you will not find them to be very helpful. It’s possible that having them on your team won’t be very beneficial.

Janet Bombe

Janet is a horrible henchwoman, but she does have a few redeeming qualities. Janet has a low-damage melee attack and good stats, but it’s her skills that really shine. Her first action is remote detonation, which takes control of an agent’s weapon and uses it against them, with varying results. Her second action is to jumble evidence, which minimizes Agent suspicion by a significant amount.

Carl Calfard

Carl is the game’s WORST henchman. He has a good bit of health, does not deal a lot of damage, and his abilities are terrible. Cunning trap is his first ability; it traps agents and causes morale damage, but it does not always activate. Even if his second action, imperfect replica, does not work half of the time, it should give rouges with counterfeit loot to steal.

Clara Jones

Clara is a low-tier deception henchman with a good set of skills. Clara’s first action is Heirs and Graces, a powerful action that allows her to deal significant resolve and suspicion damage to Agents. Her second action, Knowledge of the Ancients, offers a trap an extremely terrible buff, increasing its chance of hitting Agents.

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