Former WWE Superstar Enzo Amore recently appeared on the Talk Is Jericho podcast along with his tag team partner Big Cass. The former Cruiserweight Champion in WWE discussed a variety of topics on the show, and even claimed that he talked to PAC/Neville the day he decided to leave the company.

“So He Called Me”

“That day Neville didn’t show up to work, so he called me. See, you only know this because you’re backstage. Me and Neville are best friends. Yeah, we’d drive together. Yeah, right. Isn’t that funny? So me and Neville are best friends and the world has no idea. No idea! So the whole 205 Live thing was preplanned by me and him driving around making towns. Talking about what we wanted to do. And what was the goal for him though? He just came off the heels of working the busiest schedule in pro wrestling because. If you remember. Neville was getting booked on Friday. Saturday, and Sunday, Monday on RAW, and flying to SmackDown when everybody was going home from RAW.”

“He Was Burnt Out”

Enzo elaborated further, saying “he was burnt out, bro. He was burnt out. And he wanted to get off 205 Live and start working guys on the main roster that weren’t in big spots. And when he had the conversation with Vince [McMahon], when he lost the [Cruiserweight] title to me at No Mercy, Vince said, ‘I’m going to keep you on 205 Live’ and that was not the plan. So Neville was like, ‘well no, I’m not staying in 205 Live and I’m not turning babyface because [McMahon] wanted [Neville] to work face against me being heel.'”

“And the goal for me was to keep Neville face and then when he drops the title to me, he doesn’t get a rematch because of a clause in my contract that says he can’t or whatever. So then he goes to the main roster. When he wasn’t going to the main roster, he just didn’t show up to RAW. And I was the only one talking to him that day. So I knew he wasn’t there and I get the script handed to me. Enzo and Neville in the main event of Monday Night RAW. Neville’s not even there.”


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