Who is Ta’Kiya Young? What happened to her?


All you should know about Ta’Kiya Young and what happened to her.

Who is Ta'Kiya Young? What happened to her? 2

Ta’Kiya Young was a 21-year-old pregnant woman shot in Ohio last month. The shooting took place on August 24th, when a police officer fired a bullet at a pregnant woman named Ta’Kiya.

The Ohio police department has released body-cam footage of Ta’Kiya and what went down between her and the police officer. There is not much known about Ta’Kiya, but she was a mom of two and was expecting her third child in November. After getting shot, her unborn child also did not survive.

Here is a detailed explanation of what happened between Ta’Kiya and why she was shot.

What happened to her?

Ta’Kiya Young was accused of stealing alcohol. In the video footage released by the police department, we can see that an employee is seen telling the police officer in a Kroger parking lot that Young has shoplifted, and the officer went to her and asked her to get out of her car to check if she had stolen anything.

Ta’Kiya Young refused to step out of the car, and she asked the police officer, who proceeded to ask them whether they would shoot her. Ta’Kiya moved her car forward, and she was going away from the spot where a second officer was standing, he shot at Ta’Kia’s car, and after making contact with the vehicle, the second officer jumped to the side to save himself.

The car went forward and slowed down as the officer shot Ta’Kiya. Before medical help arrived, the officers tried to provide her aid, but she passed away after being taken to the Young Mount Carmel St. Ann’s Hospital. Both the officers were sent on paid administrative leave, but the former, who did not fire Young, was sent back on duty.

Ta’Kiya’s family was devastated, and they condemned the police’s decision to conceal the identities of the officers who were responsible. 

Footage of the Shooting of Ta’Kiya Young

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