Who is Squirrel on Fox’s The Masked Singer season 9?

Season 9 of Fox’s hit show The Masked Singer is in full swing. The series tasks the audience, celebrity panel of judges, and viewers with correctly guessing the talent behind the mask. Luckily, the masked singers help us guess their identity with clues along the way, but sometimes, it’s simply not enough to correctly guess the talent.

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The Squirrel on The Masked Singer

As The Masked Singer Season 9 enters its fourth week, viewers have been teased with the arrival of Squirrel for the show’s DC Superheroes night. As usual, not much is known about the new singer, but it hasn’t stopped social media users from making their arguments on who is the famous face behind the mask. So, who is Squirrel on The Masked Singer?

The Squirrel made her debut on The Masked Singer and shared some pretty juicy clues about her identity, including she was a professional skater, modelled for a major agency, did teen acne commercials, landed international sitcom roles and made out with Tom Cruise. From all the clues, we will make our best guess to ascertain who the famous face actually is behind the mask.

So who do we think the Squirrel actually is behind the mask?

According to us, though we may well be wrong, it may be Margot Robbie.

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Australian actress Margot Robbie is speculated to be under the mask

Given the few clues we have so far, and judge Ken Jeong’s breakdown of who the famous face behind the mask could be, a lot of folks believe that the Australian actress is the masked singer. For starters, Ken points out that Robbie appeared in I, Tonya as a figure skater. Not to mention, since Squirrel appears to be dolled up, it could be Robbie since she is starring as Barbie, the Mattel doll in the movie of the same title that’s set to release in July 2023.

Other guesses included Katie Holmes (from Jenny McCarthy) and Uma Thurman (Robin Thicke’s guess). Other fan guesses included figure skater Tara Lipinski and Pamela Anderson. However, we will have to wait to see who Squirrel actually is under the mask.

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