Who did Taylor Swift chest bump? Is she dating Travis Kelce?

Who did Taylor Swift chest bump? Is she dating Travis Kelce?

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All you should know about whom Taylor Swift chest bumped and whether she is dating Travis Kelce

Taylor Swift was seen attending the chief’s game at Arrowhead Stadium from Kelce’s box. Taylor was there to attend the Chiefs vs. Chicago Bears game in Week 3.

Taylor was wearing a Chief’s jacket, and she was accompanied by Travis Kelce’s mother. The Chiefs won the game easily by defeating the Chicago Bears 41-10. But the victory was not the most important part of the game.

In the first half of the match, Kelce did not score a touchdown, but in the third quarter, Travis Kelce had scored his first touchdown of the day, and Talyor got excited and chest-bombed a fellow Chief’s fan, saying “LET’S GO!”.

Taylor’s gesture towards Travis was appreciated by fans. They were surprised to see how excited Taylor was, and that also began discussions about their relationship status. Let us figure out what Taylor and Travis Kelce are doing.

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Donna Kelce and Taylor Swift

Is Taylor Swift dating Travis Kelce?

The most important question that Swifties and fans in general have been trying to find answers for is whether Taylor and Travis are dating. Travis tried to shoot his shot by trying to get Taylor a friend by giving her his number.

However, during the conference, they were not able to get together. But Travis stated that he had a crush on her and was making moves to seek Taylor’s attention.

There were also rumors that the two had started to hang out together, which were true. The two were seen leaving after the Chiefs game.

However, the rumors are true. Travis Kelce’s brother, Philadelphia Eagles center Jason Kelce, confirmed the rumors, but upon being asked by Travis, he laughed it out and refused to comment.

After their exit from the Chiefs match, they were sentenced to prison, and this has added fire to the riots. But, nothing has been confirmed by the two, even though they’re hanging out together.

Nothing has come out of the two. They are going to comment on the status of their relationship.

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