Which adult star brought up Zion Williamson on her social media?


Which adult star brought up Zion Williamson on her social media? What did she allege the NBA star of doing? Learn all there is to know.

NBA star Zion Williamson, who is expecting a child with his girlfriend Akheema, has found himself in hot waters this week. The New Orleans Pelicans center was called out by a music artist and OnlyFans content creator Moriah Mills after he threw a grand gender reveal party. Zion Williamson has been on and off the field due to several injuries, and the former No. 1 cut short his 2022-2023 season due to a hamstring injury.

Zion Williamson
Zion Williamson

Mills, who happens to be a retired adult star, has called out Zion for cheating on her. Williamson is publicly known for dating Akheema and the couple is expecting a child together. The sportsperson threw a grand gender reveal party for his girlfriend which prompted the attention of Moriah Mills, and she hit him for cheating on her. She claimed that Williamson led her and planned to move her to New Orleans.

Moriah also alleged that all this time she had no idea Williamson was getting ready to father a child. She posted a series of tweets where she made shocking allegations at the NBA star. Posting screenshots of their chats and claiming that they were dating, Mills also hinted at being pregnant for Zion.

What did Zion Williamson’s girlfriend have to say?

Zion Williamson’s girlfriend responded to the adult star’s claims by saying that she is unbothered.

Zion Williamson and Akheema
Zion Williamson and Akheema

After all the claims Moriah Mills made, Zion Williamson’s girlfriend and his baby’s mother Akheema responded, and it seems that she is unbothered by all the allegations. She wrote, “Happy h*** ain’t hating and hating h*** ain’t happy.”

After tweeting against Zion, Moriah alleged that she was being threatened by the NBA star’s loved ones and wrote, “ I’m being harassed now @Zionwilliamson I don’t like didn’t threaten anyone if anything happens to me in Atlanta before December. This is getting out of hand. You need to call your people’s Zion thanks I’m done.“

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