This article features all the details about what went down between Nina Agdal and Jamie Foxx and how Dillon Danis brought up the actor in his feud with Logan Paul.

Dillon Danis and Logan Paul are scheduled to fight on October 14 in Manchester. Their rivalry is not only evident inside the ring but also outside of it, and Dillon is constantly putting Logan and his girlfriend on blast. He is trying all sorts of tactics to weaken Paul inside and outside of the ring.

Logan Paul and Dillon Danis
Logan Paul and Dillon Danis

Dillon is constantly targeting Logan and posting and saying inappropriate things about the boxer’s fiance. He has been heard talking about Logan’s fiance, and he has called her transgender. Danis on the full-send podcast, stating how Logan’s younger brother Jake Paul has dissed his own brother’s girlfriends in the past.

He also went on to say, “I’m all about trans and LGBTQ+ and everything, so I was like, This is awesome. He has a fiancee who’s trans. I thought she was. Then I looked it up, and it was a girl… Jake did this to me… When I and he were going to fight, he was going at my girl; he was saying he f**ked her. It’s a double-edged sword.” He takes a dig at Logan because of his brother’s remarks about his girlfriend. And now, in a series of events, he is seen constantly dragging Logan’s fiance on numerous occasions.

What Happened Between Nina Agdal and Jamie Foxx?

Danis has strategically planned to unleash his series of attacks on Paul. He posted a picture of Nina Agdal and Jamie Foxx on Twitter and captioned it, “We need to thank Nina for influencing Jamie Foxx to make one of the best hits of all time, Gold Digger.”

Danis has time and again thrown attacks at Nina, and it has been said that Logan has retaliated to his claims by starting a legal battle, and he has sent her a letter of cease and desist along with a threat that if his snide remarks towards his fiance don’t stop, he will not be fighting with him on October 14. Dillon responded to Logan’s cease and desist and stated, “I’m suggesting 12 rounds in the ring to test if you can silence me like a man, but you’re staying quiet. Instead, you’re crying to the promoters and issuing cease-and-desist letters, pu**y.”

The verbal spat online is generating a lot of attention, and fans are anticipating Paul’s response. Danis has been criticized for throwing digs at Paul and his girlfriend, and he is being called an attention seeker, but Paul has maintained his silence for now. The fight between the two is scheduled to take place on October 14 at the AO Arena in Manchester. Fans are extremely excited to witness what goes down between the two.

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