Who is Emma Watson dating now? Here is her dating history


Emma Watson known for her several romantic relationships, again started a new chapter on it, where she is reported to be dating an American Businessman currently after her break up with Brendon Green earlier this year.

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Who is Emma Watson dating now? Here is her dating history 2

In a whirlwind of celebrity romance, Emma Watson, the beloved actress known for her role as Hermione Granger in the Harry Potter series, has been making headlines with her love life. After being photographed hand-in-hand with Brandon Green, son of fashion tycoon Sir Philip Green, in Venice, Italy, speculation grew about their relationship. However, it has been revealed that Watson and Green ended their romantic journey sometime after Christmas, as reported by multiple sources.

Now, the focus shifts to Emma Watson’s current love interest, who happens to be American businessman Ryan Walsh. Following her split from Brandon Green, Watson has been spotted enjoying quality time with Walsh. The two were seen sharing a delightful lunch at an outdoor table before embarking on a boat ride along the grand canal, soaking in the beauty of Venice.

Ryan Walsh brings his expertise in the tech industry to the table, having worked in the field for several years. Presently, he serves as the founder of Walsh Consulting Group. It appears that Watson is drawn to partners who can match her intelligence and stimulate her intellectually. Known for her own brilliance and intelligence, Emma values a partner who can engage in meaningful conversations and share her intellectual curiosity.

As the story unfolds, fans and followers of Emma Watson eagerly anticipate the development of her relationship with Ryan Walsh. Will their connection deepen and grow into something more profound? Only time will reveal the twists and turns of their love story.

Emma Watson, known for her iconic role as Hermione Granger in the Harry Potter series, has had a notable dating history. Over the years, she has been romantically linked with various individuals from different backgrounds. Some of her reported past partners include Brandon Green, Leo Robinton, Tom Felton, and Chord Overstreet.

Emma has been known to date businessmen, actors, models, and even British royalty. While her dating life has attracted attention, it’s important to respect her privacy and remember that celebrities, like everyone else, deserve personal space in matters of the heart.

Tom Ducker2006 – 2007English Rugby Union
Angus Willoughby2007 – 2008Australian Actor
Francis Boulle2008British Reality TV
Jay Barrymore2008 – 2009British Actor
Rafael Cebrián2009 – 2010Spanish Drummer
George Craig2010British Model
Johnny Simmons2011American Actor
Will Adamowicz2011 – 2013American Student
Matthew Janney2014American Student
Prince Harry2015British Royalty
Roberto Aguire2015Mexican Actor
William2015 – 2017American Business
Chord Overstreet2018 – 2019American Actor
Brendan Wallace2018 – 2019American Business
Cole Cook2019American Business
Tom Felton2019British Actor
Leo Robinton2019American Business
Brandon Green2022-2023Businessman

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