When is the next episode of The Last of Us?


Episode 7 of The Last of Us will be available to stream online on February 26 on HBO Max.

Every weekend, The Last of Us offers brand-new episodes for streaming. On February 26, 2023, viewers will be able to see the next episode 7, titled “Left Behind.” The show’s season, which consists of a total of 9 episodes, is about to come to a conclusion.

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The Last of Us

The episode will have a running time of 60 minutes, and in this week’s episode, viewers will get to learn more about Ellie’s life before she meets Joel; they will get to see more about her time at FEDRA’s military school. In the premiere, Ellie was already a member of the Fireflies, so it would be interesting to learn what occurred before then. Furthermore, Riley from The Last of Us’ first expansion, Left Behind, will also be featured.

The Last of Us episode 6 recap

Kim is the name of The Last of Us, episode 6. In this episode, three months have passed, and Joel is now holding a couple at gunpoint and demanding to know where his brother Tommy is. Ellie also arrives, disobeying Joel’s warnings to stay away, and discovers that the area west of the river is filled with death and maybe worse than the infected. Joel tends to accept them, but something is off. He struggles to breathe for a time and grips his chest before continuing.

Throughout the whole season, Joel and Ellie are seen crossing across the landscapes and protect themselves from the infected. Joel and Ellie walk across the countryside, finally stopping to create a fire and discussing their future interactions. Sam is also brought up, along with how Ellie attempted to rescue him by spilling her blood.

After making it to the dam and the “river of death,” the two find themselves surrounded by a group of guys on horseback. They order Joel to drop his weapon and Ellie to back up while drawing their own weapons. The boss uses a dog trained to detect sickness to inspect them both for it, but strangely, the mutt detects nothing from Ellie. Having learned Joel and Ellie want to see Tommy, they are taken to a community where many people are at work. Tommy, who is now working in construction, is one of them. As they were ushered into the dining room, the two exchanged hugs.

When Ellie sees anyone, she becomes aggressive, yelling at them and demanding their guns. Also, she instructs Joel to convey her congratulations to Tommy on their recent wedding. Before Joel mentions his objective to go and accompany Ellie to the Fireflies in return for a vehicle battery to meet Tommy, she continues to discuss the fantastic advantages of communism.

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Pedro Pascal (Front) in The Last of Us

Tommy refuses to assist Joel in getting Ellie closer to her goal despite Joel’s persistent requests. He acknowledges that he won’t be going on with him since he is expecting a kid with Maria. After gritting his teeth, Joel finally concedes to leave his hair in the morning after gathering some items. Joel explains that Ellie is immune before it happens however. Ellie and Joel have an extensive discussion about their path and what grief is after Maria confides in Ellie about Sarah. Joel eventually makes a commitment that when their voyage is over, they will part ways.

Joel makes the decision to ride one of the horses away in the morning. Ellie follows him when he offers her the alternative between sticking with Tommy. Before heading to the university, where the Fireflies are said to be holding up, Joel and Ellie practise their shooting in the forest. They continue inside but discover just monkeys since there are no guards there. and a map with several pins pointing toward Salt Lake City.

Joel and Ellie are forced to leave by four scavengers who appear outside. During his pursuit of Joel outdoors, the guy stabs him in the abdomen. Ellie shoots haphazardly to defend him from the other three hunters when they arrive, but fortunately, none of them have weapons, so there is no more confrontation. Despite clinging to his stomach in pain, Joel fell from the horse as he clung to his stomach.

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