When did UFC women’s flyweight Veronica Macedo (Hardy) marry former title contender Dan Hardy?


Veronica Macedo, a UFC title challenger and known to have made a comeback this year after a 3-year-long sabbatical is the sensation that recently got married. She and Dan Hardy made the headlines when they arranged their beautiful wedding on December 28, 2022.

Flooding the internet, pictures of their simple yet dreamy wedding garnered likes and wishes from the fans, officially announcing their nuptials with a sweet caption reading, ‘Mr. and Mrs. Hardy’.

The pictures included one with Dan Hardy signing the marriage certificates and one with the couple posing to show off their love bands.

Veronica is a 27-year-old Venezuelan UFC women’s fighter who married Dan Hardy the 40-year-old former welterweight title challenger and also an ex-UFC broadcast analyst. Hardy retired from the UFC fighter role almost a decade ago.

Inside the Lives of UFC Fighters Dan Hardy and Veronica Macedo

Macedo on the other hand has also been spotted in the broadcaster’s role during her sabbatical for the UFC and ARES and made a comeback shortly after her marriage.

When did UFC women's flyweight Veronica Macedo (Hardy) marry former title contender Dan Hardy?
When did UFC women’s flyweight Veronica Macedo (Hardy) marry former title contender Dan Hardy?

The relationship between Don Hardy and Veronica Macedo sparked during Macedo’s time off from the Octagon for around 3-years. Dan Hardy and the ‘Mr. and Mrs. Hardy’ tagline wrote ‘The luckiest man in the world’ on their picture together. Melting all our hearts.

Dan Hardy, who retired from UFC for almost a decade, challenged Georges St-Pierre for the 170-pound title at UFC 111 but lost by decision. After four straight losses, he rebounded with wins over Duane Ludwig and Amir Sadollah. Culminating in a final fight in Nottingham, England, where he won in front of his home fans.

If we take Macedo’s professional comeback into consideration. She was posed against the opponent Juliana Miller, after her victories in the TUF 30 and her official debut in the UFC Fighter Night via TKO.

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