Is Nina Warhurst of BBC Breakfast pregnant? Learn all about who she is and who she is married to


Nina Warhurst tweeted to inform people they had been misled into thinking she was pregnant.

Nina Warhurst was given a priority tube while riding a London transportation system by a complete stranger who assumed she was expecting at the time. She made the decision to let people know that they had been misled into believing she was pregnant. In her tweet, she said, “I know people say London isn’t a friendly city, but someone just offered me a priority tube seat thinking I’m pregnant, which I’m not…So that’s nice isn’t it 😑😂”

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Nina Warhurst

She has been receiving overwhelming responses on her tweet. One user commented, “Not sure to laugh or feel sorry for you. At least the gesture was there.” Another user said, “Maybe they know how hard you work and they thought you deserved a seat.” While a third said: “Oh bless you! I have to say your response is delightful!”

She released a side-by-side comparison of her stomach in a before and after photo back in April. The caption said, “The belly comes, the belly goes, sometimes with babies, sometimes with cheese and crisps. Sometimes with exercise, sometimes with stress. Sometimes it balloons with my menstrual cycle. Sometimes it doesn’t. One thing is consistent – men I’ve never met will highlight the fluctuation, and offer me feedback. Cheers fellas. It’s VERY important to me and I take it VERY seriously”

More on Nina Warhurst’s life

The British journalist Nina Warhurst was born in 1981 in Manchester, England. She graduated from Manchester High School for Girls and started studying politics, philosophy, and economics at Oxford.

The following year, she worked for a management consulting firm called McKinsey & Company as a business analyst. As a producer and correspondent for BBC Radio 5 Live, Nina Warhurst began her broadcasting career.

Afterwards, she started working as a reporter and host for BBC North West Tonight, an English regional news show that covers the North West. She reported on various issues for this organisation, including the Grenfell Tower disaster and the 2017 Manchester Arena bombing.

In 2019, Warhurst joined the BBC Breakfast team, where she now co-hosts news and current affairs segments with Dan Walker and Louise Minchin. With the help of her knowledge as a business analyst, she also offers consumer and business news for the show.

Warhurst has hosted a variety of other BBC shows in addition to BBC Breakfast. She has anchored “Wake Up to Money” on BBC Radio 5 Live’s consumer affairs show and provided coverage of the UK’s general elections and budget releases.

In addition, Warhurst supports several humanitarian endeavours. She serves as a trustee for the Salford Foundation, a nonprofit organisation that helps young people in the Greater Manchester region, and she serves as a patron for Street Child United, a nonprofit organisation that works to defend the rights of children who are tied to the street globally.

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Nina Warhurst with her family.

Nina Warhurst is a married lady, to talk about her private life. Ted, a Manchester, England-based caterer with whom Nina is wed, is the man of her life. In 2013, they initially got to know one another in Croatia’s Tisno. They started a relationship right away after meeting and falling in love.

Nina and Ted dated for a year before getting married in 2014. Right present, the husband and wife are enjoying a happy marriage. Nina and her husband, Ted, have two gorgeous boys due to their committed marriage. On her social media pages, Nina never misses an opportunity to display photos of her kids.

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