Is Liv Morgan actually pregnant? WWE star ‘likes’ post claiming she is pregnant with top AEW wrestler


Liv Morgan, whose real name is Gionna Jene Daddio, is an American professional wrestler and former model. She gained recognition through her appearances in WWE (World Wrestling Entertainment). With her unique look and charismatic personality, Morgan has cultivated a dedicated fan base.

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Liv Morgan

Morgan began her wrestling journey in 2014, joining WWE’s developmental territory, NXT. Over the years, she showcased her athleticism and determination, earning opportunities to compete on major WWE platforms. Her high-energy style and captivating presence in the ring have made her stand out among her peers.

Real NameGionna Jene Daddio
Ring NameLiv Morgan
ProfessionProfessional wrestler and former model
Wrestling PromotionWWE (World Wrestling Entertainment)
Debut2014 (in WWE developmental territory, NXT)
AchievementsParticipant in high-profile events like the Royal Rumble
Notable StorylinesEngaged in prominent storylines within WWE
StyleHigh-energy and dynamic in-ring style
Personal AdvocacyMental health awareness and LGBTQ+ rights
ImpactCultivated a dedicated fan base and gained recognition for her unique look and persona

More on Liv Morgan

Outside the ring, Morgan has been open about her personal struggles and journey towards self-acceptance. She has become an advocate for mental health awareness and LGBTQ+ rights, using her platform to inspire and support others.

Morgan’s talent and dedication have earned her notable achievements in WWE. She has participated in high-profile events such as the Royal Rumble and has been part of prominent storylines. Her versatility as both a singles competitor and a member of various tag teams has allowed her to showcase her skills and versatility in the ring.

As an evolving talent in the wrestling industry, Liv Morgan continues to leave a mark with her dynamic performances and unwavering spirit. Her commitment to her craft and her advocacy work has made her a respected figure among wrestling fans and beyond.

Is she pregnant?

Liv Morgan, former SmackDown Women’s Champion, is currently sidelined due to a shoulder injury sustained during a Women’s Tag Team Championship defense. The injury will keep her out of action for a few months, resulting in the titles being vacated. Recently, a fabricated story circulated on Instagram, falsely claiming that Liv was pregnant with AEW World Champion Maxwell Jacob Friedman’s baby.

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Liv Morgan

Despite the untrue nature of the story, Liv displayed a sense of humor by liking the post and finding amusement in the situation. It is important to clarify that Liv is not pregnant with MJF’s baby; rather, she is recovering from a shoulder injury.

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