Is Lindsay Hubbard pregnant? Does the ‘Summer House’ star have any kids?


Is ‘Summer House’ star Lindsay Hubbard pregnant? Learn all there is to know.

Reality series Summer House is known for its dramatic ups and downs. Many of the show’s stars flirt, fight, and fall in love with one another while lounging in the Hamptons during the summer months. One of the most notorious members of Summer House is Lindsay Hubbard, who is currently engaged to co-star and on-and-off boyfriend, Carl Radke.

Lindsay Hubbard
Lindsay Hubbard

In 2021, the show’s midseason finale hinted that Lindsay could be pregnant, which ultimately turned out a different way than fans expected. Then, in 2022, Lindsay opened up about her subsequent miscarriage.

During Season 5 of Summer House, the midseason trailer teased that Lindsay Hubbard missed her period, hinting at a potential pregnancy. Lindsay had broken up with Stephen Traversie and rumors were spreading that she’d hooked up with Luke, leaving fans to guess about her potential baby daddy. Lindsay then takes a pregnancy test, but it comes back negative.

In January 2022, however, Lindsay revealed that she had quietly suffered a miscarriage with Winter House co-star Jason Cameron. In the Season 6 premiere of Summer House, she confessed to now-fiancé Carl Radke, “I found out on a Monday I was pregnant, and by Tuesday I was having a miscarriage. And by Wednesday I was in the emergency room for five hours.

Does Lindsay Hubbard have any children?

No, the Summer House star does not have any children yet.

Lindsay Hubbard pregnant
Hubbard is currently engaged to Summer House co-star Carl Radke

Lindsay also explained that her miscarraige made her relationship with Jason “really complicated.” She explained, “Jason was absolutely wonderful, but I also just needed to get through it on my own.” Lindsay also shared in a confessional that she would have been happy to have a child with Jason, despite the newness of their relationship at the time.

Now, Lindsay has moved on, and she is happily engaged to Summer House co-star Carl Radke. It is currently unclear if the duo are planning on having children, but fans hope that if they decide to have children.

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