Is Alexee Trevizo pregnant? Has she been released from jail?


This article will explore whether Alexee Trevizo has been released from jail and more about her case details.

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Is Alexee Trevizo pregnant? Has she been released from jail? 2

Has Alexee Trevizo been released from jail?

A young 19-year-old woman called Alexee Trevizo from Artesia has been charged with first-degree murder for her alleged involvement in discarding her newborn baby in a hospital trashcan in a recent and upsetting occurrence that has rocked the neighbourhood. Despite the seriousness of the charges against her, it has been rumoured but not confirmed by reliable sources that she has been released from detention before her trial.

Following a hearing presided over by Eddy County District Judge David Finger, Alexee Trevizo was granted release on a $100,000 unsecured bond. However, her release is not without conditions. While awaiting trial, she is permitted to continue attending school and participate in her upcoming graduation ceremony. A curfew has been imposed on her from 7 a.m. to 7 p.m., although she is not required to wear an ankle monitor or be placed under house arrest.

As part of her release, Trevizo has been directed to attend counselling. She has also been granted permission to visit her family in Texas, but any out-of-state travel beyond that will require court approval. It is crucial to note that any violation of these conditions will result in her immediate return to jail until her trial.

Currently, Alexee Trevizo is awaiting arraignment in district court after her case was transferred from Artesia Magistrate Court. Her arrest took place on May 10, following an investigation into an incident that occurred at Artesia General Hospital in January. According to the police, Trevizo gave birth to a baby in a hospital bathroom, and the newborn was tragically found deceased in a trashcan.

The charges she is facing include first-degree murder and tampering with evidence. The circumstances surrounding the incident are deeply concerning. Despite seeking treatment for back pains, Trevizo denied being pregnant despite a positive pregnancy test administered by medical staff. She then secluded herself in a bathroom for a significant amount of time before eventually leaving.

The criminal complaint reveals that the bathroom was found covered in blood by the cleaning staff, and the infant was discovered around 2:26 a.m. Trevizo claimed that the baby was already deceased at birth. However, an autopsy conducted by the Office of the Medical Investigator contradicted her statement.

The autopsy revealed the presence of air in the baby’s lungs, indicating that the newborn had taken breaths, and no defects or injuries typically associated with stillbirth were found. The autopsy further indicated injuries consistent with suffocation following birth, adding to the complexity and tragedy of this case.

Given the seriousness of the charges against Alexee Trevizo, the public is outraged that she was released prior to her trial. The restrictions placed on her release are intended to ensure compliance and provide protection from any possible threats. The case serves as a sharp reminder of the difficulties surrounding such upsetting situations and the significance of a fair and just legal procedure as the community waits for new developments.

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