Can I get a hoya (hooyah): Who popularized the phrase Jon Jones uttered after winning the UFC heavyweight title?


Jon Jones recently claimed the UFC 285 main event against Ciryl Gane. It resonated with the ‘GOAT’ chants almost bleating at the spot. However, the best of all times reaction from Jon Jones remains iconic- ‘Can I get a hooooooyyyyaaahhhh!’

Well, that’s an enthusiastic comeback, a striking answer to all who thought Jon wouldn’t come back. ‘Hooyah’ originally a military battle cry meant to be used by various branches of the US military for quite some time. The

The primary usage being traced back to the military now resonated with the pro martial artist and has become an exuberant roar and applause from the crowd. “Can I get a hoya?” was popularized in the 2010s by Instagram influencer Alissa Violet.

Well, the phrase as now seen called out by Jon Jones at his comeback has set the netizens on fire once again. Jon Jones has rather startled and delighted his fans with an amazing comeback. He said he remained committed to his goals. He even added that the support of his fiancée Jesse remains to be his prime support.

Can I get a hoyaTiktok fame HOOYAH challenge posts

The phrase was used as a vine script back in 2015, where a military jump over a flight of stairs was performed shouting ‘yeah’ in return of the cry. Originally uploaded as a vine, it was reposted on YouTube and garnered a whopping 1.8 million views in over half a decade.

Can I get a hoya - Jon Jones
Can I get a hoya – Jon Jones

The Hoya Challenge became a star-struck trend in 2017. When stephpuppychan posted the challenge videos while calling it out in public places. The meme posted by BrendanLebaron30 again in 2019 repeated the cry.

In 2021, the ‘hooyah’ trend saw a revival when @b.mitchell23 posted another video. Additionally, gaining 5.9 million views in just two months. The ‘hooyah’ sound has been popularized by Alissa Violet- a young tik-toker who is famous for her similar, ‘Can I get a hooyah?’ video excerpts. Compilations of Violet calling out the famed phrase flood the internet with most of them tagged with #canigetahooya.

The ‘hooyah’ challenge and the trend have caught the interest of many netizens. Moreover, it’s only a while before we see another challenging trend gracing our screens again.

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