“Breaking Bad”: Why is Walter White called Heisenberg?


Breaking Bad made a mark with an amazing rating on IMDB. A much-loving audience that almost qualifies for a cult that can’t get over it.

The protagonist Walter White played by Vince Gilligan is a man of action who turns from a middle-school chemistry teacher to a cancer patient and uses his knowledge and skills to get the best methamphetamine the drug market has ever seen.


As the role evolves, he becomes an important part of a drug cartel but the twists and turns aren’t as easy. Walter White meets a bunch of difficult people on his way up the chain and tackles them in his unique way.

In a tricky situation with the sale of meth, Walter White’s partner Jessie gets stuck with a new self-proclaimed drug mafia in the market. Season 1 presents a brief meeting between Walter White and a Mexican named Tuco who captures Jessie and denies him payment.

Breaking Bad: How does Walter assume the name of Heisenberg and what does it portray?

The situation is a bit of a pickle but as far-sighted and future-ready Walter White is, he faces Tuco and successfully extracts his payment.

 “Breaking Bad”: Why is Walter White called Heisenberg?
 “Breaking Bad”: Why is Walter White called Heisenberg?

The name he presents to Tuco is Heisenberg, introducing himself and concealing his real identity. However, the name portrays a different side of Walter White and his struggle. The chemistry teacher turned drug cook and the dealer is showing uncertainty in his own life, assuming new roles and picking up new tasks every day.


The Heisenberg Principle of Uncertainty resonates with the protagonist’s ongoing internal struggle. Walter White’s name also shows the complexity of the theme of the show he is trying to find a direction. A constant juggling between morality and family life, drug business, and money. Moreover, the consequences that Walter White has to face with his family getting distanced.

The show ends in a gloomy scene with Walter’s death. The uncertainty continues for his partner Jessie and the death of his brother-in-law in an unwanted shootout.

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