Is Tara Reid married? Actor opens up on decision to not have kids 

Is Tara Reid married? Actor opens up on decision to not have kids

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All you should know is that Tara Reid is married and the star opens up about not having kids.

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Is Tara Reid married? Actor opens up on decision to not have kids  2

Tara Reid is a famous American model and actress who is widely known for her appearance in multiple movies, television shows, and movies.

Reid has had a lot of ups and downs during her career, but she still managed to bounce back, and after taking a break for a long while, she is back in the industry, trying to make a name for herself and set herself free from the party girl image. Here is everything you should know about Tara Reid’s marriage and whether she has kids or not.

Is Tara Reid married?

Tara Reid has talked about how she did not get married. She had spoken about her substance issues and how it was so difficult for her to stay sober.

She spoke about how he feels pressured to get married and have kids. In an interview with Derek Warburton, Tara expressed her thoughts on how one gets judged if they refuse to get married.

Tara had been widely known for her bad-girl image. She has been known for spreading fake news and rumors about multiple men, but that was just not true.

She said that she got married to Bulgarian financer Zachary Kehayov; however, in October of the same year, they announced that the two were married. Tara has never been married, and there is no truth to the rumors behind her marriage.

Does Tara Reid have any children?

Tara Reid does not have any children. She stated how if something were meant to be, it would have happened on behalf of the mother and child.

However, she also stated that if she had been married and had kids, the trajectory of her career would have been different. In June 2021, Tara revealed that she had her eggs frozen so that she could start a family, and there is a possibility that she could have a child in the future.

She highlighted that it was neither a no nor a yes. She is open to whatever happens. She stated that it would happen if it was meant to. However, now the star does not have any children of her own, and Tara is happy where she’s at at the moment.

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