Is Bill Murray dating Kelis? Rumours of couple storm the internet


Is legendary actor Bill Murray actually dating singer Kelis? Learn all there is to know as rumours of the couple dating storms the internet.

Lost In Translation star Bill Murray is dating American singer Kelis, according to reports. Murray, 72, is known for his collaborations with director Wes Anderson, as well as for the 2003 romantic comedy-drama Lost in Translation, while Kelis, 43, rose to fame with hit songs including “Millionaire” and “Milkshake”.

Bill Murray
Bill Murray and Kelis are reportedly a thing

The pair have been spotted out in public a number of times together in recent weeks, with The Sun and the Daily Mail now reporting that they’re an item. Fans were surprised when Murray was spotted at the south London festival Mighty Hoopla last weekend (3 June), and then jazz and soul festival Cross The Tracks the weekend prior, both of which Kelis was performing at. The pair have also been spotted together backstage.

Kelis’s husband Mike Mora died from stage four stomach cancer in March 2022, aged 37. She has three children, including son Knight, who she shares with her ex-husband, US rapper Nas. Ghostbusters star Murray, who has been married twice and has six sons, split from his second wife Jennifer Butler back in 2008. Butler died in January 2021. In one photo, Kelis and Murray can be seen posing with musician Konny Kon from the soul and hip hop duo Children of Zues at Cross The Tracks festival.

Sources have told The Sun that Kelis and Murray have been “getting close for a while” and have been meeting up between the US and London. Neither Murray nor Kelis has confirmed the romance.

What did the internet have to say about the romance?

The internet responded to the unlikely romance in its unique way.

Kelis and Bill Murray
Kelis and Bill Murray

While many were surprised to see the actor date the singer who is almost three decades younger than him, some also celebrated the fact that both had moved on from their respective romantic pasts.

It remains to be seen if Murray or Kelis confirm the romance, but it is without a doubt that the internet are full of opinions about it.

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