Is Al Roker back on The Today Show? What issue did he have?


Is Al Roker back on The Today Show? What medical issue led him to missing out on the show? Learn all there is to know.

Is Al Roker back on the Today Show?

Al Roker, born Albert Lincoln Roker Jr, is an American weather presenter, journalist, television personality, and author. He is most known for his spell as the host of The Today Show – Roker is the current weather anchor on NBC’s Today, and also occasionally co-hosts 3rd Hour Today. However, Roker took a brief absence from the show recently and many fans have been wondering where he is – and if he is still a part of the famous NBC show.

Al Roker
Al Roker

As it turns out, we have the right answers to your questions – Al Roker took some time off the show courtesy of family reasons, but is expected to return as the host and weather anchor on the channel. Roker became the latest Today Show host to take some time off the show not long after his co-stars Savannah Guthrie and Hoda Kotb made their return.

On Nov. 18 last year, Roker revealed that he was hospitalized for blood clots in his leg and lungs, which led to his absence from NBC’s broadcast of the annual Macy’s Thanksgiving Day Parade — the first time he didn’t appear on the telecast in 27 years.

Is Al Roker back on The Today Show now?

Al Roker returned to morning TV in January this year, following several hospitalizations for blood clot complications at the end of 2022.

Al Roker
Roker returned to The Today Show in January

Today show co-anchors Savannah Guthrie, Hoda Kotb, and Craig Melvin announced that the 68-year-old weather personality will appear on an early January episode of the long-running program, marking his first time as a regular presenter on the NBC show since late last year.

Speaking in January this year about returning, Roker said: “You lose a certain amount of muscle mass for every week you’re in the hospital, and I was in the hospital for four weeks. So it’s just a certain amount of weakness… I’ve got to just get my strength back.”

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