Enshrouded Goo – How to Get Goo in Enshrouded?



Do you want to find the steps to craft Goo in Enshrouded? Then, check our guide and find the step-by-step process.

Enshrouded is a gripping crafting adventure game. You can explore the open world locations like caves, dungeons and mountains in a quest to slay monsters and beasts of Embervale realms. The story takes place in a voxel-like continent where there are cursed enemies with magic and poison potions. You play as a Shroud from a small town.

Meet NPCs, travel to other realms and discover the lost ancient secrets to retrieve the magic of your ancestors. While you explore the Embervale, you can find plenty of resources and materials that will be used for quests. Goo is a primary crafting material that’s used for crafting chemical substances. You can unlock Goo while completing an Alchemist mission.

Goo requires some resources and you have to summon the Alchemist from the Ancient Vault. While finding the Alchemist Mortar, you can unlock the Goo. Just like other resources, Goo is essential for campaign story quests in Enshrouded. Here’s how you can craft Goo in Enshrouded.

Steps to Unlock Goo in Enshrouded

Goo in Enshrouded

Travel to the Ancient Vault and collect the quest from the Alchemist. To craft a Goo, there are some requirements like unlocking the Alchemist and Mortar. Along these, you have to explore the Embervale and collect some resources like Dirt, Shroud Liquid and Bug Dust.

  • Dirt – While you explore forests and caves, you can use a weapon and dig the ground to get Dirt
  • Shroud Liquid – This fluid can be collected from Mushrooms all over the Embervale realm
  • Bug Dust – Collect Critter parts from insects and crush them with the Mortar. You will get enough Bug Dust

With these resources, you can unlock Goo. In Enshrouded, Goo is used to upgrade the Flame Altar base. With more patch updates and content, Goo will be used for various purposes in the game. Reach the Alchemist location and unlock his quest. This will help you unlock Goo and other rewards as well.

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That’s everything you need to know about crafting Goo in Enshrouded. We will come back with more Enshrouded updates and guides soon.

Can you Use Shepherd’s Lightning in Enshrouded?

Shepherd’s Lightning is a top-tier weapon. To overcome dangerous creatures in Embervale, you can use this as your starting ranged weapon. Beat magical enemies and open chests across Embervale to unlock this S Tier weapon of Enshrouded. Shepherd’s Lightning has high power stats and this can be upgraded at the Blacksmith.

Which is the Best Melee Weapon in Enshrouded?

Guillotine is one of the best melee weapons to use in Enshrouded. It deals more than 130 dps and will be effective against beasts in Embervale. Defeat elite bosses and explore realms and open treasure chests to collect Guillotine weapon. Guillotine has high durability and is effective in long-range combat.

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