Should Joe Hart end his troubles at Burnley with a move to the Championship?

It’s been some fall for Joe Hart since his departure from Manchester City. The former England No. 1 was among the best goalkeepers in the Premier League and it hasn’t been a great fall for the 31-year-old. The preceding years have shown us the worst of Hart, particularly at West Ham.

Despite that, the 31-year old’s goalkeeping skills have never been in doubt, with Hart leading the Premier League for saves last season during his loan spell with West Ham. The England international conceded 90 goals since he has left Manchester City, showing a clear decline in his morale and confidence, not to mention a loss of talent.

Before that, during his eight seasons at Manchester City, Hart finished with an average of 10 clean sheets a season. He excelled in the 2012/13 season with 18, winning four Golden Gloves in the process. That season not only showcased the 31-year-old’s agility but also his abilities with his feet. Now, it’s all unravelling at the seams and it may be time for Joe Hart to leave the Premier League.


The Daily Mail and the Sun have reported that Preston North End are more than interested in bringing the two-time Premier league winner to the Championship and it could be the chance to start anew for the struggling keeper. Having been replaced at Burnley by Tom Heaton and Nick Pope, Hart clearly has little to no future at the club, despite joining them over the summer.

However, with Preston only interested in a short term loan, the move could be a good one for the 31-year-old, who’s clearly still in his prime. Prime examples are Gianluigi Buffon, Petr Cech, Peter Shilton, Brad Guzan, Tim Howard and so many other stars.

That spot between 30 and 35 is a crucial time for goal-keepers, as it allows them to use all their experience to become even better, which is surprising considering that the average shelf life for a footballer is around 35 or 36.

While it is a chance to rejuvenate his career, it will also allow Joe Hart to play regular football, something the 31-year-old hasn’t been doing in recent weeks.

So far this season, Hart has made only 21 appearances for the club but has been benched for their last three games after a rise in Nick Pope’s form. Thus, it will the former Manchester City to keep fit, play competitive football and even make a comeback next season, but only if his ego can handle playing in the Championship.

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