Embracer Group Splits into Three Separate Companies – Who Are They?



The Embracer Group is split into three different franchises. Find out everything about the upcoming plans of the Swedish video game company.

The story of many video game developers and creators can surprise us. The growth of many video game developers has been astonishing and some have lost their way. Embracer Group, the popular video game group from Sweden has collaborated with popular gaming publishers and has been involved in many Nordic games.

The rise of Embracer Group has been phenomenal since 2019 and they have produced cult games like Traitors Gate, The Tomb Raider, and The Black Mirror. Over the past few months, the revenue and shares of the Embracer Group have hit a low. After launching cult video games, the downfall of the gaming giants in the industry has been a shocker and this has persuaded them to implement new changes. The Embracer Group has announced it will split and operate as three different groups.

The New Embracer Group 

The Embracer Group will now split into three different gaming groups. Asmodee Group, Coffee Stain and Friends, and Middle-earth Enterprises & Friends are the three different groups of the Embracer Group. These three groups will own games launched by the Embracer Group and they will continue to work on new projects as well.

A new journey begins for the owners of the iconic Tomb Raider gaming series. After losing a hefty deal, the Embracer gaming group shut down many projects, lost shares and terminated employees. The new groups of the Embracer community will have different creators and they will be recruited with a goal to rebuild the company. 

The Embracer Group – New Companies & Games

Employees with a dynamic approach and clear vision will be hired going forward. Each company will focus on different games and projects. Here’s the goal for new companies of the Embracer gaming group,

Embracer Group
Embracer Group Splits into Three Separate Companies - Who Are They? 2
  • Coffee Stain and Friends – This group will have a different strategy and they will focus on Indie and AAA games from the second half of 2024. Deep Rock Galactic and Goat Simulator will stay with this company
  • Asmodee Group – The group will start their projects soon and they will primarily launch tabletop games inspired by Game of Thrones, The Lord of the Rings and Star Wars.
  • Middle-earth Enterprises & Friends –  The Middle-Earth group will acquire ownership for The Tomb Raider games and they will be launching new AAA games for PC and Consoles.

With three new franchises, the Embracer company will aim higher and look to bounce back in the following months. With different goals, the next 2 years will be challenging for the Swedish gaming company who will also look to increase their shares and profits in the following months.

That’s everything you need to know about the Embracer gaming group, new companies and plans. We will come back with more interesting updates soon.


What’s the Upcoming Game from the Embracer Gaming Company ?

As of now, there are no updates regarding the upcoming games and their release dates from the Embracer company.

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