Dying Light 2 All Safe Codes – Houndfield, Horseshoe, Muddy Grounds and more


Find out all the safe codes in Dying Light 2 in our guide. Players can also find the location of each safe in the game.

Dying Light 2 Stay Human is the sequel to Techland’s famous parkour zombie-slaying original, and it includes a massive open world packed with hundreds of hours of content. Players will encounter a variety of adventures while parkouring through Villedor as Aiden Caldwell.

While the safes in Dying Light 2 are almost always close to their codes or clues that will lead you to them, it normally takes a long time to find both the safes and the clues that will lead you to their codes. As a result, you’ll occasionally want to rush straight to the solution and earn your rewards.

Dying Light 2 Safe Codes

Safes in Dying Light 2 contain a variety of valuable things, ranging from Inhibitor chips that allow you to permanently improve Aiden’s health and stamina to items you may sell, construct armour with, and even finish in order to advance in the game. Check out the codes and approximate locations of each safe below, keeping in mind the necessity of safe codes in Dying Light 2.

First Biomarker Quest 

  • Safe Code: 973
  • Location: Saint Joseph Hospital with quest provided by McGregor in Houndfield.

Treasure Hunt Quest 

  • Safe Code: 032167
  • Location: If you keep the map during The Deserter quest you will get another quest called Treasure Hunt. The safe is located in the basement of the Muddy Grounds water tower.
Dying light 2 safe codes
Safe in Dying Light 2

Military Airdrop Downtown 

  • Safe Code: 313
  • Location: In the Downtown region, on top of the big Military Airdrop building next to the Downtown Bandit Camp, you will find this safe.

Moonshine Quest 

  • Safe Code: 1492
  • Location: Horseshoe Water Tower. Requires you to side with Jack and Joe in a previous quest, and get arrested.

Nightrunner’s Hideout 

  • Safe Code: 101
  • Location: The area is located north of Cherry Windmill in the Houndfield region. It is on the ground floor. Look for a crack in the wall.

Broadcast Quest 

  • Safe Code: 314
  • Location: At the Garrison Electrical Station building. Located behind Section C. Unlock the door by connecting a wire.

Church Tower 

  • Safe Code: 510
  • Location: The Bazaar in Old Villedor at the top of the Church Tower. This is a late-game safe requiring quite a lot of stamina.

A Memento Collectible that can be accessed from the Collectables Menu and contains the combination, or some other clue nearby, is usually how you find out these codes. Keep in mind that a handful of the safes are linked to side quests. 

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