Dragon Raja – Best characters and Classes in the game


The Chinese MMO Dragon Raja is gaining massive popularity. With so many choices of different classes and characters, it can be hard to choose just one but there the best characters and classes in Dragon Raja

Dragon Raja is a Chinese MMO based on the novel series by Jiang Nan. The game was originally released in China as Project: SU by epic Games and Loong Entertainment. It was then translated to Korean, Japanese and English. Dragon Raja offers high quality 3D graphics, textures and animations.

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Dragon Raja

Dragon Raja offers full character customization with a focus on open world exploration and dragon slaying. The world development in Dragon Raja is fantastic. The dragons and monsters are based on the traditional Chines and Japanese myths. The game has PvE and PvP elements. It also offers some leisure gameplay feature like cooking, sports and socialising.

Classes in Dragon Raja

Dragon Raja has four beginner classes and four advanced classes

The Beginner classes can be selected from the player selection. The advanced classes are unlocked by the player level. Players can also switch their classes. They can switch their classes after reaching level 40. There is a cooldown of 24 hours after switching a class.

Beginner Classes

  • Blade Master
  • Gunslinger
  • Soul Dancer
  • Assassin

Advanced Classes

  • Fighter
  • Reaper
  • Puppeteer
  • Phantom Sound

The advanced classes were introduced after the global release of the game. 

Blade Master

blade master
Blade Master (LDPlayer)

This character is the best tank and also melee DPS. Blade Master has decent physical damage and her damage soaking ability make her a great tank. Striking multiple hits to the enemies, damage with the burn effect are some of her excellent skills.

You are able to use this character as a tank or a melee DPS. You must focus on her character build and change it according to your playstyle. Buff her attack stats if you want a good DPS. Otherwise, buff her defence stat for an excellent tank.


Gunslinger (LDPlayer)

He is the best ranged DPS. H has many useful skills like stun effect and invisible effect. His landmine ability is very useful in protecting him from incoming enemies as his defence stat is very low.

He is best at clearing waves of enemies with his high ranged DPS. Gunslinger is great for good solo performance. He also has a very high critical hit rate.

Soul Dancer

soul dancer
Soul Dancer (LDPlayer)

Soul Dancer is a support and a Healer. She is one of the best classes in Dragon Raja because of her Crowd Control abilities. This ability turns oncoming enemies into ducks and makes them unable to attack. She also has the ability to affect the physical and magical defences of the enemies.

She has very high magic damage which is great combined with her teleport ability. 

Assassin Class

assassin class
Assassin (LDPlayer)

Assassin is a melee and ranged attacker with high mobility. He is slightly difficult to play and is not recommended for newer players. Assassin has an explosive ability that does AoE called Moon Shadow. He can also seal himself in crystal to avoid taking damage. This is a useful ability when you are waiting for a cooldown. Assassin is an excellent stealth attacker. 

The advanced classes can be unlocked after level 70. It is recommended that the players focus on one of the beginner classes and use them to play the game.

Best Dragon Raja Class

Soul Dancer is the best Dragon Raja class. She has really high stats and her healing ability makes her hard to kill. She has great crowd control abilities which are great in dealing with multiple enemies.

You can also choose your character and class based on your playstyle. It is important that the class matches your playstyle so that you can enjoy the game. 

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