Dr. Death Season 2 ending explained: What happens to Paolo?


Dr. Death Season 2 ending explained: Learn all there is to know about Dr Death’s season 2 ending: what happens to Paolo at the end of the second season?

Following Netflix’s documentary series Bad Surgeon: Love Under the Knife, Macchiarini’s crimes have been dramatized in the second season of Peacock’s Dr Death series, based on the medical malpractice podcast of the same name. As per the official synopsis, Dr Death Season 2 “follows ‘Miracle Man’ Paolo Macchiarini, a charming surgeon renowned for his innovative operations. 

Dr. Death Season 2 ending explained
Dr. Death Season 2 ending explained (Twitter)

Where the first few episodes of Dr. Death Season 2 took place in separate timelines (and countries), showing two sides of the same coin of Paolo’s deceit, everything comes together for the ending in Episode 8. Thanks to the work of the three whistleblowers, Benita can finally expose her ex to the world. And due to her efforts, Nate, Ana, and Anders get to see a small semblance of vindication.

“When investigative journalist Benita Alexander approaches him for a story, the line between personal and professional begins to blur, changing her life forever. As she learns how far Paolo will go to protect his secrets, a group of doctors halfway across the world make shocking discoveries of their own that call everything about Paolo into question.” With all eight episodes available to stream now, we’ve broken down the ending, as well as what happened to Macchiarini after the events of the show. Warning: Spoilers ahead (although they are based on fact).

What happened at the end of the second season of Dr Death?

At the end of Dr Death Season 2, we see the three whistleblowers – Dr Nathan Gamelli, Dr Ana Lasbrey, and Dr Anders Svensson – moving on with their lives after having their report on Paolo Macchiarini’s misconduct acknowledged. And the same can be said for his former fiancée Benita Alexander. But in the very final scene, despite a string of deaths behind him, we see Macchiarini washing blood off his hands after yet another of his trachea implants.

Dr. Death Season 2 ending explained
Dr. Death Season 2 ending explained (YouTube)

Prior to this, the whistleblowers attended a press conference held by Swedish police, who officially reviewed the trio’s extensive report after Alexander and media coverage of Macchiarini’s misconduct brought attention to the case. When Alexander shows up, she finds a number of empty seats with photos of Macchiarini’s patients who died as a result of his surgeries.

In real life, and as is depicted in the show, those who died from complications related to Macchiarini’s implants include Keziah Shorten, Andemariam Beyene, Christopher Lyles, Hannah Warren, Yesim Cetir, and Yulia Tuulik. The Swedish inquiry only accounted for deaths that occurred at Karolinska Institutet, where Macchiarini was contracted to.

In the finale of Dr Death Season 2, police officials announce that they, along with the prosecutor general, found that there was a “clear and real scientific misconduct that took place,” as well as negligence and surgical misadventures during Macchiarini’s tenure in Sweden. However, no criminal charges were filed against the doctor, meaning he was free to continue elsewhere.

Does the outcome have any parallels with real life?

This is how the situation played out in real life too, with text appearing on screen after the final scene that states: “Despite losing his privileges at Karolinska, Dr Paolo Macchiarini continued to operate around the world.

“Three years after declining to press charges, the Swedish Prosecutors reversed the course, criminally charging Paolo Macchiarini in connection with the deaths of Yesim Cetir, Christopher Lyles, and Andemariam Beyene. He was only found guilty of one charge: the felony of causing the bodily harm of Yesim Cetir. He will serve no prison time.”

However, in June this year, the court disagreed with the original decision and found Macchiarini guilty of three cases of gross assault, ruling that he “acted with criminal intent.”

A five-judge panel sentenced him to two years and six months in prison, which he’s expected to begin in the coming weeks in Spain, where he currently resides. To fully understand the gravity of Macchiarini’s crimes, it’s well worth giving Dr Death Season 2 a watch.

Conclusion – Dr. Death Season 2 ending explained

Dr. Death Season 2 ending explained. The series ends with all the main players moving on with their lives. In a chilling final scene, we watch Paolo wash his hands of blood after operating on his eighth patient.

In the epilogue text, we find out that Paolo continued to operate around the world, even after losing his privileges at Karolinska.

It took three whole years before the Swedish authorities decided to hold him criminally accountable for the deaths of Yesim Cetir, Christopher Lyles, and Andemariam Beyene. At trial, he was only found guilty of the “felony of causing the bodily harm of Yesmin Cetir.”

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