Doudrop talks possible title shot if she wins Queen’s Crown


Doudrop is optimistic about winning the Queen’s Crown tournament

During this week’s Monday night Raw, Doudrop managed to pull off a massive upset in the semi-final of the Queen’s Crown tournament. She went up against Shayna Baszler and was shockingly able to get the job done.

Doudrop vs Zelina Vega (WWE)

Doudrop was recently on WWE “The Bump” and commented about a potential title shot. Have a look:

“I think this is really what could be the beginning of my legacy here in WWE. What a way to start by being the first-ever Queen’s Crown Tournament winner. To be the winner, it means that your name lives on in history forever. That’s certainly a prize I want my name on.”

Doudrop certainly looks to be very optimistic heading into the final and has made it clear that it’s the prize she’s eyeing. She also talks about how this could be the beginning of her legacy in the company and could lead up to a title shot in the future.

Well, that’s the case for after winning the tournament but before that Zelina Vega is standing on her way in the finals of the Queen’s Crown tournament and will look to do everything possible to stop her from winning the tournament.

How did Shayna Baszler react to her loss?

Heading into the match, Baszler was the clear favorite to advance to the finals. However, Doudrop certainly had different plans in store for the Queen of Spades. Baszler was left stunned, however, she took to Twitter to claim she knows what she’s made of and doesn’t need a tournament to tell her about it.

Doudrop vs Shayna Baszler
Doudrop vs Shayna Baszler (Twitter)

Baszler was on a very good run in the WWE prior to her loss to Doudrop in the semi-final of the Queen’s Crown tournament. To know Baszler’s full reaction, check out: Shayna Baszler reacts after shock loss in Queen’s Crown tournament

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