“Don’t now jump in the mud with the pig” – Chael Sonnen takes shot at “skunk” Francis Ngannou for setting up Jon Jones fight


Chael Sonnen blasted Francis Ngannou for speaking out regarding the match against Jon Jones

Chael Sonnen didn’t mince his words when taking a shot at Francis Ngannou and his antics recently.

The heavyweight title contender got riled up regarding a proposed match against Jon Jones. Jones is the Light Heavyweight champion but wanted to move up a class to fight Ngannou.

Francis Ngannou vs Stipe Miocic
Francis Ngannou throws a punch against Stipe Miocic in their Heavyweight Championship fight during UFC 220 at TD Garden on January 20, 2018 in Boston, Massachusetts. (Photo by Mike Lawrie/Getty Images)

However, the UFC ended those plans with Jones claiming he wasn’t being paid the right money. Ngannou also lashed out at the UFC for not setting up the fight, and that upset Sonnen.

The UFC legend had a go at Jones earlier and now Ngannou was his target:

“The one guy that came out smelling like a skunk that never needed to was Ngannou.

“For Ngannou to play this as the way he did was baffling.”

Sonnen claimed that he always falls into a trap of thinking that fighters having a level of intelligence in the profession. However, he didn’t understand why Ngannou wanted more money to fight someone who wasn’t in his division:

“If you were Francis Ngannou and you demand a whole bunch of money to fight a guy who’s 60 pounds smaller than you, you got a little b**** in you.”

The UFC legend went on to say that people might think Ngannou is a monster, but it didn’t sense to fight a shrimp.

“You don’t ask for more money to fight a shrimp, you don’t even fight the shrimp. What are you a bully?”

Getting down and dirty

Sonnen isn’t afraid to share his thoughts and the former UFC star continued taking shots at Ngannou regarding the fight.

Jon Jones has vacated his UFC title
Jon Jones vacated his UFC title recently (Twitter)

The legend claimed Jones was going to sink the fight and Ngannou didn’t have to open his mouth either. Sonnen went on to say that the fight was over as soon as Jones started tweeting about the negotiations and didn’t want Ngannou to fall into the sty:

“As soon as Jon opened his mouth you knew that fight wasn’t going to happen.

“So don’t now jump in the mud with the pig. You both get dirty and the pig likes it.”

Sonnen couldn’t understand why Ngannou got involved in all this. Ngannou has been pestering for a title shot against Stipe Miocic again, and Sonnen was surprised as to how the beast was willing to take on a lighter Jones when he should be thinking of the title.

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