The Shaq google investment news has taken social media by storm, but does the NBA icon have an investment in the tech company?

Shaquille O’Neal has a tremendously diversified portfolio of investments. He once discussed how he discovered Google as an early investor in an interview with WSJ. Shaquille O’Neal is not your normal basketball superstar who became well-known just via his sport. The 2000 NBA MVP fought hard to stand out in the crowd even though it was undoubtedly his area of strength.


In a literal sense, Shaq does stand out in each and every gathering right now. However, he has consistently demonstrated the capacity to assimilate new material and attempt to create something of it. This is the particular aspect of his character that motivates him to be a serial investor and brand booster.

Shaq became a business titan by building his brand and making the correct investments. Thanks to all of his investments, he is still having a good time off the court today.

Shaq was widely considered one of the league’s top centers when he retired in 2011. Nevertheless, he made it possible for himself to emerge as a titan in the financial industry thanks to some great commercial transactions. An investment in Google, a leading worldwide search engine, was one of them.

Shaquille O’Neal’s success with the Google agreement

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In the latter half of the 20th century, Google was formed. The business transformed the growing digital internet environment as it developed over time into the largest search engine in the world. O’Neal made a less well-known investment in the company’s Series A in 1999. The four-time NBA champion put a $100 million value on the table with complete confidence that it would succeed because of an irrefutable sixth sense. It happened and it did so naturally.

In an interview with the Wall Street Journal back in October 2019, Shaq discussed how this specific investment opportunity came across his desk. He said that it was simply a bizarre coincidence brought about by his presence at the appropriate moment.

“So I hear these two gentlemen talking about Google search engines and how one day your phone’s going to be this one day as I’m there, playing at the Beverley Hills Hotel. You may enter anything and it will appear. And I said, Uh! Say that again, please.”, Shaq mentioned.

Google has become a household name for everyone for many years. It serves as the global one-stop shop for all queries. Additionally, Google is currently quite valuable. Sources claim that it is currently worth $1.89 trillion. This indicates that Shaq’s investment was successful and would provide extraordinary returns. Shaq now has a net worth of over $400 million. What could be superior? The 49-year-old is still a partial shareholder in the business.

Even if the figure seems incredible, it is real. With his investment in Google, Shaquille O’Neal has won the lottery and taken home the greatest payout. His enormous net wealth, which still stands today so many years after he hung up his boots, is proof of his skill as a businessman.

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