Does Lewis Hamilton own a part of the Denver Broncos?


Lewis Hamilton was in attendance during Denver Broncos’ latest NFL clash against Los Angeles Chargers

Lewis Hamilton is making the most of his leisure time in the United States ahead of this weekend’s Grand Prix. He was spotted watching an NFL match between Denver and Los Angeles on Monday night. Hamilton is a part of the consortium that purchased the Denver Broncos for a record US$ 4.65 billion back in August.

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The principal owners of the Denver Broncos franchise are Walmart heir Rob Walton and his daughter and son-in-law. Hamilton is a new part owner of the franchise and last night, he attended his team’s match for the first time since the takeover. However, it was not a memorable outing for the Broncos team as they slumped to a 19-16 deal in front of their new owner.

The purchase of Denver Broncos by Hamilton and other co-owners is the largest for any professional sports franchise. Besides Hamilton, the new ownership team includes Rob Walton, who is now the richest owner in the NFL. The ownership group also includes Starbucks board chairperson Mellody Hobson and former U.S. Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice.

Fans react as Lewis Hamilton attends Denver Broncos match for the first time since the takeover

Lewis Hamilton was given a warm welcome at the SoFi stadium and the Mercedes man took to Twitter to express his delight. Let us take a look at some of the reactions and responses from fans to his tweet.

“What an unbelievable feeling that must have been! From growing up in Stevenage trying to make a career for yourself in motorsport to being part owner of an NFL team?!? Quite an achievement champ”, a fan put it beautifully.

“Why choose the US? What’s wrong with investing in young British sport… possibly ethnic minorities?? It’s all about ME ME ME”, wrote a fan with a completely different take.

“We are so proud of you and everything you do”, read another tweet.

“Why the 22 jersey? Shouldn’t it have been 44? Great to see ya at the game Champ. Have a great time here i& go get that”, tweeted another fan.

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