Disney Dreamlight Valley: How to Complete Stars To Guide Us Quest and Unlock Simba



Disney Dreamlight Valley new update has included Legendary Simba Lion. Check our guide to complete the Stars to Guide Us quest and unlock Simba.

Disney Dreamlight Valley, the life simulation adventure game has many challenges and quests. Every day, you can complete new challenges and earn rewards. The entire story takes place in a magical land. Disney and Pixar are the primary heroes in the game. You can battle and craft resources. With resources, you can make recipes and sell them.

Daily quests will grant you many rewards and resources that you can use to craft new recipes in Disney Dreamlight Valley. Complete Stars to Guide is the latest quest in the game’s new update. The new update is named “Pride of the Valley” and it has brought the popular characters, ”Nala and Simba” to the game’s New Lion King Realm.

Both Nala and Simba are popular fictional characters from Disney’s The Lion King film. After so many requests from fans, Simba is now available in the valley. You can unlock Simba by completing the new Complete Stars to Guide Us Quest in the game. To those who are looking to unlock Simba, check our guide to find out the best tips to complete the Stars to Guide quest in the Disney Dreamlight Valley.

Disney Dreamlight Valley Stars to Guide Us Quest Walkthrough & Tips

The first step before starting the quest is to meet and interact with the Simba lion. Before that make sure you have also completed Eyes In The Dark quest. Then you will be able to meet Nila in the valley. Then you can proceed to find Simba in the Realm. Speak to Simba and again you need to follow the legendary lion in the jungle. Know the stories and then you need to find Merlin in the valley. After getting to know about the magical problems, you need to restore old memories of Simba. To do this, you need to craft Rafki’s Walking Stick.

Disney Dreamlight Valley Stars to Guide Us

Rafiki Crafting Materials

Here are the materials required to craft Rafki’s Walking Stick,

  • x2 Purified Night Shard
  • x5 Fiber
  • x5 Softwood

Crafting Material Locations

If you are looking for the locations of these materials, here’s where you can get them all.

  • Fiber – You can purchase it from Kristoff Stall for some Gold. You can also use Seawood to craft it on a workbench.
  • Purified Night Shards –  You can use night shards and dream shards to craft this item.
  • Softwood – You can purchase it from Kristoff Stall. You can also find this time in the Forest of Valor, Plaza, and Peaceful Meadow. Softwood can be found in the Glade of Trust rarely.

Collect these materials and craft the required item to help Simba recollect his good old memories and this will also bring him more clarity.Simba has a wish and he wants to upgrade the realm and dried-out oasis.


Now, you need to collect seeds and clean Oasis. You need to collect these,

  • x3 Jungle Fern Seed
  • x3 Clearing Tree Seed
  • x3 Waterfall Plant Seed.

Now you can plant these seeds in the oasis and water it. Talk to Simba and complete the quest. That’s it, you are done with this wuesy. Finally, you can take Simba to your valley. 

That’s how you can complete the Stars to Guide Us quest and unlock Simba in Disney Dreamlight Valley. Follow these steps and add Simba to your valley. You can also unlock other pets and then complete new friendship quests to collect all new rewards and resources in the game. We will come back with more Disney Dreamlight Valley updates and guides soon.

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