Did AI help create a final Beatles song? Here is what Paul McCartney had to say


Did AI help create a final Beatles song? According to Paul McCartney, a new Beatles record is in the works, utilizing artificial intelligence (AI) technology. McCartney, one of the two remaining members of the Beatles, revealed that AI was used to remove the vocals of the late John Lennon from a previously recorded track.

Did AI help create a final Beatles song? Here is what Paul McCartney had to say

During an interview with BBC Radio, the 80-year-old McCartney was asked about AI’s ability to imitate his youthful voice and even “bring voices back from the grave,” including those of John Lennon and George Harrison. McCartney expressed his fascination with this development, acknowledging that it is something society is currently grappling with.

While he admitted to not spending much time online, McCartney mentioned being aware of AI-generated recordings featuring the voices of his former bandmates.

The integration of AI technology into music production presents a unique and evolving landscape, raising questions about artistic integrity and the boundaries of technological manipulation. McCartney’s remarks shed light on the ongoing study and potential implications of AI in the music industry, particularly when it comes to reviving the voices and sounds of beloved musicians from the past.

Did AI help create a final Beatles song?

Paul McCartney discussed the intriguing capabilities of artificial intelligence (AI) and its potential uses during an interview. He acknowledged that while some aspects of AI can be unsettling, it is undeniably the future and holds incredible potential. AI technology, with its ability to imitate human intellect, allows machines to learn tasks like composing music, generating reports, and creating art.

Did AI help create a final Beatles song?
Did AI help create a final Beatles song?

Widely accessible AI platforms, such as ChatGPT, provide remarkably accurate responses and perform various tasks. However, McCartney pointed out that AI has faced criticism due to ethical concerns surrounding the moot technology.

The Beatles, a legendary band, achieved numerous successes before officially disbanding over 50 years ago. Tragically, George Harrison passed away from lung cancer in 2001 at the age of 58, while John Lennon was fatally shot outside his New York City apartment building in 1980 at the age of 40. In the 2021 documentary “The Beatles: Get Back,” which delves into the making of their 1970 album “Let It Be,” McCartney revealed that a sound engineer used AI to isolate vocals from background music.

With the help of AI, they were able to separate John’s voice from other instruments, to add to their creative process. McCartney explained how AI technology played a role in isolating specific elements within the recordings, demonstrating the intriguing potential and applications of AI in the music industry.

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