Despite the Turmoil, Could the Bucks Challenge for the NBA Title?


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Despite the Turmoil, Could the Bucks Challenge for the NBA Title? 2

NBA team the Milwaukee Bucks, are currently second in the Central Division of the Western Conference and will be looking to leapfrog the Boston Celtics and secure a place in the playoffs, despite rumours of turmoil in the squad.

Let’s dive straight in to discover if the Bucks can challenge for the NBA title this year based on the latest average odds from some of today’s most trusted online bookmakers.

Can Milwaukee Bucks seriously challenge for the 2024 NBA Championship title?

The quickest, easiest, and most reliable way to find out if the Milwaukee Bucks can win the 2024 NBA Championship title would be to look at the latest odds currently being offered by some of today’s most trusted US online bookmakers.

For example, all of the fully licensed and regulated iGaming sites currently featured on the globally renowned iGaming review site have some of the world’s most competitive NBA betting odds.

If you and what NBA odds they are currently offering, you will find the following average prices:

  • Odds-on favourite team to win the 2024 NBA Championship outright: Boston Celtics. American/moneyline odds: +230. Decimal odds: 3.30. Fractional odds: 23/10. IPR (implied probability rate): 30.30%
  • Second odds-on favourites: Denver Nuggets. American/moneyline odds: +300. Decimal odds: 4.00. Fractional odds: 3/1. IPR: 25.00%
  • Third odds-on favourites: LA Clippers. American/moneyline odds: +550. Decimal odds: 6.50. Fractional odds: 11/2. IPR: 15.40%
  • Fourth odds-on favourites: Milwaukee Bucks. American/moneyline odds: +700. Decimal odds: 8.00. Fractional odds: 7/1. IPR: 12.50%
  • Fifth odds-on favourites: New York Knicks. American/moneyline odds: +2,000. Decimal odds: 21.00. Fractional odds: 20/1. IPR: 4.80%

In other words, although the Bucks aren’t the favourites to win the 2024 NBA Championship outright, they have a fairly good chance of coming out on top this year, and most Bucks fans will be happy with these odds.

Can the Bucks win the Eastern Conference or Central Division outright?

They have slightly more favourable odds of winning the Eastern Conference and Central Division than winning the NBA Championship outright. If you were to place a wager right now on either market, you would be looking at the following average odds:

  • Market: Milwaukee Bucks to win the Central Division outright. American/moneyline odds: -400. Decimal odds: 1.25. Fractional odds: 1/4. IPR: 80.00% (ODDS ON FAVOURITES FOR THIS MARKET)
  • Market: Milwaukee Bucks to win the Eastern Conference outright. American/moneyline odds: +275. Decimal odds: 3.75. Fractional odds: 11/4. IPR: 26.70%

These odds tell us that a much safer bet would be for the Bucks to win the Central Division outright. However, the important thing to remember in sports betting is that betting on the favourite doesn’t always guarantee you will win. Also, don’t forget that these odds are subject to change at any time.

Who are the key players to keep an eye on?

Some of the key Bucks players to keep an eye out for until the end of the season are Giannis Antetokounmpo (Power Forward), Damian Lillard (Point Guard), Brook Lopez )Center), and Khris Middleton (Small Forward).

Others include Thanasis Antetokounmpo (Small Forward), Bobby Portis Jr. (Power Forward), Malik Beasly (Small Forward), and Robin Lopez (Center). Also playing for the Milwaukee Bucks are Cameron Payne, Jae Crowder, Andre Jackson Jr., AJ Green, MarJon Beauchamp, and Pat Connaughton.

Final note

The Bucks have only ever won the NBA Championship on two separate occasions (1971 and 2021).

They have won 18 division titles (the latest in 2023) and 3 conference titles (the latest in 2021), so they will be looking to add to this impressive record this season by winning the division, conference, and NBA Championship titles outright. Anything can happen in basketball, and they could end up achieving this.

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