Decoding Alexis Bliss’ scary Instagram picture after WWE Raw


Cryptic Alexa Bliss startles WWE Universe with latest Instagram post

Alexa Bliss ended this week’s episode of WWE Raw with a scary segment of Alexa’s PlayGround.

Bliss uploaded a cryptic post after the episode of Monday Night Raw:

Shayna Baszler was the latest invitee to Alexa’s PlayGround. After their recent conflict in weeks, the hatred between the pair has built up. Bliss asked Baszler to apologize to her new friend, Lily, While Baszler refused and mocked Lily, Bliss attacked her with a forearm and left the ring.

Shayna Baszler and Alexa Bliss fd9d 1
Baszler and Lily were on Alexa’s PlayGround

The former WWE Raw Women’s Tag Team Champion hit back by crushing the puppet, Lily and staring at Bliss. After the disturbance in the sound and lights, Baszler rushed back backstage while objects kept descending from above her.

Baszler swiftly went to a room and locked it outside. She turned the other side to stare into a mirror and shockingly discover Lily the puppet in the background. The episode of Raw ends with Baszler shattering the glass while Lily is visible through a small shard of glass.

Introduction of Lily to Alexa Bliss’ persona

Alexa Bliss had a massive character change after betraying The Fiend as he lost to Randy Orton. Bliss then introduced a new character, a puppet named Lily. The two have been successful in terms of selling merchandise for WWE.

But, the introduction has brought in a new world of creepiness to the women’s roster. She attributed her mean side in her younger days to Lily, who made her the way she is.

alexa bliss lily on the swingset
Bliss and Lily have become a dominating duo one WWE Raw

Her storyline with Baszler took a dramtic turn after the conclusion of WWE Monday Night Raw. It will be interesting to see an introduction of Nia Jax into the feud, which could make things more complicated.

Lily, meanwhile has added another world of creepiness into Bliss’ persona. This could work for her to reach the WWE Raw Women’s Championship scene.

The rivalry could take interesting turns as Raw returns next Monday.

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