Dead By Daylight Survivor Perk Tier List – March 2022


Here is our Dead By Daylight Survivor Perk Tier List where you can find the best perks in the game. Use these to have an easier time!

Dead by Daylight is a multiplayer horror survival game in which players must kill or survive to the finish. You’ll have to sacrifice or kill as many survivors as possible if you chose to play as an assassin. If you choose to be one of the survivors, you must defend yourself against the killers and make it to the end.

In the DBD, each survivor is given unique advantages that they can utilize to battle the killers and defend themselves. However, there are over 90 survivor bonuses in the game, making it difficult for players to decide which is the best.

Dead By Daylight Survicor Perk Tier List

All of the game’s survival advantages are included in our Dead by Daylight Survivor perk tier list. Depending on your talent and specialty, we’ve classified all the perks into distinct levels, from strongest to weakest.

This list has a total of 6 tiers. Tier S has the best DBD perks, followed by Tier A, which has decent benefits, Tier B, which has mediocre perks, Tier D, which has poor perks, and Tier F, which has the worst perks.

S Tier Perks

  • Adrenaline
  • Borrowed Time
  • Dead Hard
  • Iron Will
  • Lucky Break
  • Sprint Burst
  • Unbreakable

A Tier Perks

  • Built To Last
  • Deliverance
  • Kindred
  • Lithe
  • Resilience
  • Soul Guard
  • Spine Chill
  • We’ll Make It
  • We’re Gonna Live Forever
Dead By Daylight Gameplay
Dead By Daylight Gameplay

B Tier Perks

  • Alert
  • Balanced Landing
  • Desperate Measures
  • Empathy
  • Inner Strength
  • Open Handed
  • Plunderer’s Instinct
  • Prove Thyself
  • Windows Of Opportunity

C Tier Perks

  • Blood Pact
  • Bond
  • Botany Knowledge
  • Dance With Me
  • Deception
  • Detective’s Hunch
  • Fast Track
  • Fixated
  • Head-On
  • Leader
  • Object Of Obsession
  • Off The Record
  • Quick & Quite
  • Vigil
  • Visionary

D Tier Perks

  • Ace In The Hole
  • Aftercare
  • Any Mean Necessary
  • Better Together
  • Calm Spirit
  • Decisive Strike
  • Diversion
  • For The People
  • Hope
  • No Mither
  • Pharmacy
  • Power Struggle
  • Repressed Alliance
  • Second Wind
  • Self Care
  • Self-Preservation
  • Small Game
  • Solidarity
  • Streetwise
  • Tenacity
  • Up The Ante
  • Urban Evasion

F Tier Perks

  • Autodidact
  • Babysitter
  • Boil Over
  • Breakdown
  • Breakout
  • Buckle Up
  • Camaraderie
  • Dark Sense
  • Distortion
  • Left Behind
  • Mettle of Man
  • No One Left Behind
  • Poised
  • Premonition
  • Red Herring
  • saboteur
  • Slippery Meat
  • Sole Survivor
  • Stake Out
  • Technicians
  • This Is Not Happening
  • Wake Up!

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