Dead By Daylight Patch Notes Explained



Dead by Daylight Patch Notes for update 8.0.0 are out. Find out all new gameplay changes of the new PTB update.

Dead by Daylight is a spine-chilling horror thriller and survival game. Here, 4 survivors have to run for life and overcome all challenges to fix all 5 generators. Dead by Daylight is a 1v4 multiplayer game where one can play as a Killer and 4 will play as survivors in a dark world.

Survivors have to hide in walls, escape traps and use strategies to beat the killer. The main goal for killers is to give birth to an evil force called the Entity. You can walk, run, sprint, crawl, or crouch to escape from the dangerous killer. Dead by Daylight is a gripping horror game to play with friends. The new patch update is live and the makers of Dead by Daylight have revealed all PTB patch notes for this month.

Dead By Daylight Patch Notes

Dead By Daylight 8.0.0 patch update version is live and it will be a PTB update. You can play new quests and collect rewards, but these will not be saved and the progress will not be available in the live version of Dead by Daylight.

Dead by Daylight PTB content will only be exclusive to steam users and you can try and explore new content after downloading the patch update. Here are all patch notes and gameplay changes for Dead by Daylight 8.0.0 version,

  • Aestri Yazar is the new Survivor 
  • Bardic Inspiration, Mirrored Illusion and Still Sight are three new survivor perks
  • The Lich is the new Killer
  • The Killer Power offers 4 spells to the Lich. You can use spells to Fly, cast an invisible sphere to spot survivors, and use it to create a magical hand which will also block and lift pallets. Another spell can be used to conjure 5 spectral entities that allow killers to pass obstacles and injure survivors
  • Magic items will be available in treasure chests. Survivors can collect boots and gauntlets 
  • You can open the glowing treasure chest to unlock the Hand or Eye of Vecna 
  • New Killer Perks like Weave Attunement, Languid Touch and Dark Arrogance are added
  • Killer Perks like Grim Embrace, Deadlock, and Pop Goes the Weasel received nerfs
  • Survivor Perks like Buckle Up, Decisive Strike and Background Player are nerfed

Dead By Daylight Patch Update – Bug Fixes, Feature Updates & More

Dead by Daylight Patch
Dead By Daylight Patch


  • Search tags for Charm like “Perks” and “Birds” are available

Bug Fixes

  • Names of Bots that appear after disconnection have been sorted
  • Bug that caused The Good Guy’s voice lines to be cut in the Mori Preview is fixed
  • Issue that caused Victor not to trigger the anti-camp meter when he was close to the hook is sorted

Maps, Environments, Misc and More

  • A new map in The Decimated Borgo Realm will be live 
  • In the Underground Complex, two generators spawn in the same room and this is fixed now 
  • Multiple issues related to the Nurse blinking out of the Raccoon City Police Station map are fixed
  • Kill-switched items will not appear in Bloodwebs.
  • The Dredge and a Survivor can get stuck in a locker when another Survivor tries to hide in the same locker before the teleportation
  • Deliverance perk issue has been fixed
  • In the Raccoon City Police Station map,  Victor can climb on blockers and this has been fixed
  • An obstacle that blocked navigation for the Killer in the Autohaven Wrecker’s Realm has been fixed

Dead By Daylight patch notes for the upcoming update have been revealed. Players can explore these content only on steam and the progress will not be saved. PC players can play Dead by Daylight 8.0.0 PTB content before the full live version is out.


Is Dead by Daylight Available for Mobile?

Yes, there’s a mobile version of Dead by Daylight and it has the same content, features and stories.

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