DCS Early Access Brings Kola Map by Orbx


Kola Map by Orbx is in the DCS early access, but what is up for you? Find out everything in this article. This vast area covers lots of things.

The long-awaited moment has arrived! Orbx, in DCS early access, just released Kola Map. This will allow virtual pilots to explore the beautiful lands of Northern Europe. It stretches across some parts of Russia and Norway, Sweden, Finland. Developers have designed this huge map with different terrains and missions which are difficult but possible to complete for any pilot who takes them on.

DCS Early Access Kola Map
DCS Early Access Kola Map

Explore a Vast and Detailed World

DCS: Kola covers a large area from the majestic mountains of Murmansk Oblast down southwards through Karelia Republic into Finnish Lakeland before extending westwardly along Norwegian coastline almost up until you reach Tromso city or North Cape area itself – all this is done without losing any immersion at each point in time.

We can fly over snow-capped peaks; sail along complex fjords system dotted by thousands islands; look towards open Barents Sea where only horizon limits our view while sitting inside cosy cockpit.

DCS Early Access

The latest DCS early access version is mostly about a carefully designed subregion that includes central Finland and western parts of Russia’s Murmansk and Karelia regions. This area has a lot of very detailed places that are based around working airbases in both Finland and Russia, as well as the cities and countryside that surround them.

The original focus area is a big place to explore, but DCS: Kola’s real potential lies in how it will grow in the future. The Orbx team is committed to increasing the size of the map all the time by adding more accurate airports, cities, towns, and infrastructure across the whole area. This dedication guarantees that players will always have a better and more interesting experience.

Key Features of the Early-Access Release

  • Vast and Detailed Terrain: Experience the complete base terrain for the entire map area, featuring meticulously crafted topography, summer ground textures, and accurately depicted shorelines, lakes, and rivers.
  • Focus Area with High-Detail: Immerse yourself in the meticulously detailed subregion encompassing central Finland and western parts of Russia, featuring four key areas centered around operational airports and their surrounding infrastructure.
  • Military and Civilian Infrastructure: Discover a wealth of significant civilian POIs, including bridges, monuments, hydro dams, power stations, port facilities, and industrial sites, alongside operational military airbases and installations.
  • Improved Night Lighting: Experience enhanced night lighting in cities and towns for a truly immersive atmosphere during nighttime missions.
  • Extensive Road and Railroad Network: Navigate a vast network of roads and railroads that span the map, allowing for long-distance AI routing and strategic mission planning.
  • Natural Landmarks and Geographic Features: Explore the breathtaking beauty of the region with its iconic Norwegian fjords, detailed coastlines, snowfields, vast forests and wetlands, and numerous lakes and river systems.
  • Cold War Era Compatibility: You can play missions set in both the present day and the late Cold War, because there are operational road airports and operational Russian airbases. This gives you more mission options.
  • Collaborative Campaign Development: Expect missions that are fun and challenging, made just for the DCS Kola Map by skilled developers Baltic Dragon and Reflected Simulations.

Beyond DCS Early Access: A Look at the Future

Mig-29 Fulcrum
Mig-29 Fulcrum

The future of DCS Kola Map promises even more exciting additions:

  • Dynamic Winter Textures: Experience the harsh beauty of the Kola Peninsula with dynamic winter textures that adapt to mission dates, ensuring an accurate and immersive representation of the region’s climate.
  • Expanded Military Installations: Prepare for missions across a wider range of military airfields, including Andøya, Bardufoss, Kirkenes, Evenes, Vidsel, Kilpyavr, Alakkurti, and others.
  • Additional Military Sites: Discover and explore various military installations, including naval and army bases, barracks, ports, storage areas, training ranges, radar and communication sites, and air defense systems.
  • Cold War Era Swedish and Finnish Infrastructure: Utilize operational road runways from the Cold War era in Sweden and Finland, adding another layer of historical context to your missions.
  • Civilian Expansion: Look forward to additional civilian airports, including Tromsø, Hammerfest, Ivalo, Luleå, and others, further enriching the overall landscape.
  • Detailed Cities and Towns: Immerse yourself in even more meticulously crafted cities, towns, and POIs, alongside new industrial sites, adding depth and realism to the world.
  • Landscape Enhancements: Witness continuous improvements to landscape features and details, along with the integration of high-resolution aerial orthoimagery in specific areas.

Dive into the Depths of DCS Kola Map

The DCS Kola Map by Orbx is a great choice for virtual pilots looking for a new and interesting flight simulation experience. It has beautiful graphics, a wide range of landscapes, and a focus on both modern and historical times. The DCS early access release gives you a good idea of how good the map could be, and the promise of more material in the future means that the world you can explore is always changing and getting better. So buckle up, get ready to fly, and start your unforgettable aerial adventures with DCS Kola over the beautiful scenery of northern Europe.

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