Here is our Dauntless Weapons Tier List where we have ranked every weapon in the game based on its overall usability.

Dauntless is a role-playing action game that was launched in 2019. The game takes place in a fantasy world that has been wrecked by an earthquake. There are a plethora of nasty beasts roaming the countryside. In this magical realm, you must combat these monsters and struggle for your survival. To fight the creatures, you have weapons like a hammer, an axe, and swords.

At this point, it’s time to revisit the concept we discussed earlier in the post. As a role-playing video game, it offers a wide range of possibilities for customizing your character’s appearance. From potions to accessories to armor and weaponry, Dauntless allows you the ability to specialize in any of the professions available. But, more importantly at the present, the game’s weapon library is quite extensive, and you’ll find it difficult to quickly figure out which ones are appropriate for specific situations. Our Dauntless Weapons Tier List will help you through the game.

Dauntless Weapons Tier List

We have selected the best weapons for our Dauntless tier list. They are ranked from S to D. S being the best weapon and D being the weakest one.

S Tier Weapons

Chain Blades

Putting aside the novelty, chain blades are one of the best weapons in the game due to their overall perfection. They have a rapid attack speed, provide a lot of mobility when wielding them, can be used in a variety of ranges, and their damage potential can skyrocket thanks to reaper dance stacks.

Because of how quickly you attack with this weapon, it’s easy to fall into the habit of button bashing. You’ll need a thorough understanding of the game’s mechanics, such as severing pieces, placing, and interrupting foes, to make the chain blades sparkle. Once you’ve mastered these, slashing through enemies with this weapon will be a breeze.

Aether Strikers

The strikers concentrate on quick, hard-hitting combos that add to your mantra gauge. Mantra can then be used to activate skills, some of which boost your character and others which deal severe damage.

Aether strikers have a high skill cap, but the good news is that they’re also accessible to newcomers. To get the most out of your aether strikers, you’ll need to manage and place your resources carefully. Players that do not use this, on the other hand, can still provide adequate damage. That is the power of this weapon.

A Tier Weapons


For gamers of all skill levels, the sword is an excellent weapon. Because of its slashing power, this weapon excels at severing monster parts. The sword is a safe weapon to wield due to its fast attack speed and non-committal maneuvers, making it ideal for experimenting with the game’s many mechanics.

In terms of damage, the sword is in the middle of the pack, although this is swept aside if the correct setups and playstyles are used. The one based on the cyclone ability, also known as spin-to-win is particularly useful against the hordes of behemoths you’ll face.


Axes in Dauntless have slow attack speeds; hammers may be the only slow weapons in the game, but they deal a lot of slashing damage. This weapon is in this high tier because of its resolution and determination mechanics, but that’s not all. These two characteristics help the player both offensively and defensively.

Resolve enhances your stamina resistance, while Determination boosts your damage output. When you master both of them, you’ll have swift and safe confrontations with behemoths throughout your game. Despite its modest move set, the axe remains one of the most effective weapons in the game.

B Tier Weapons


The hammer, hands down, offers the biggest raw damage potential in the game. Even with its slow attack speed, it could readily incapacitate behemoths with well-placed blows. As if that weren’t enough, the hammer’s concussive salvo ability allows for a ranged assault that may also be used to stop a charging enemy. This will, in many situations, be the attack that forces an opening for you to go all out on a downed enemy.

Its slow, methodical, and precise gameplay style necessitates both technical mastery of the game’s mechanics and flawless execution on the player’s behalf. Most players struggle to attain consistent success with the hammer because of this major hurdle. However, if you’re ready to put in the extra effort to learn this weapon, you’ll be rewarded handsomely.

C Tier Weapons

War Pike

The pike offers some basic combos and attacks with a reasonable range. Connecting to these attacks increases the weapon’s meter, which may then be used to fire long-ranged blasts at opponents.

The pike’s repertoire is rather straightforward. Attack your opponent to gain charges, then blast them to knock them out. While this is a good approach, the pike’s slow assaults and restricted mobility make it difficult to execute perfectly. If you had more evasive actions, or if the pike didn’t consume as much stamina, the pike would be higher on this list.

Dauntless Gameplay
Dauntless Gameplay

D Tier Weapons


Repeaters will always have a devoted following of gamers because they are the only genuine ranged weapons in the game. They provide long-range damage, elemental boosts that exploit enemy vulnerabilities, and reasonable mobility while in use. The issue is that the game goes out of its way to discourage players from using the weapon’s specific application. If you shoot too far away from the opponent, for example, repeaters will take less damage.

Furthermore, the enhanced reload bonus may only be used when the player is within a specified range of the enemy. All of these limitations limit the repeaters’ ability to be used in a variety of ways. They’re undoubtedly up to whatever task the game throws at them, but we think they could be a lot better.

This was our Dauntless Weapons Tier List. Each Weapon is designed to work for a different playstyle. You need to select a weapon based on your playstyle and ability.

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