Dark and Darker Ranger Class Build – Best Perks, Skills, and Weapons



Here’s our Dark and Darker Ranger Class Build with the best skills, weapons, and perks. Find out some tips and tricks you’ll need for the Ranger Class!

Dark and Darker has entered the next playtest run. Class-based combat is one of the major features of the game. Your heroes in Dark and Darker come from 6 different classes. Out of the 6 powerful classes, Ranger is one of the primary classes in the game. Ranger class heroes are stronger in ranged zones and they boast other special skills for every combat. If you are looking to go with ranger class heroes, there are several things that you need to work on. Ranger class heroes can be explosive if you are using the right skills and perks along with the most intimidating weapons in the game.

Like the weapon build, the class build is an essential aspect that helps you progress faster in Dark and Darker. There are various perks, weapons, and skills you can choose and equip for ranger class characters. To those who are looking for the best tips and strategies for ranger heroes, here’s our guide on Dark and Darker ranger class with the best skills, perks, weapons, and more.

Dark and Darker Best Ranger Build

Ranger is one of the best classes to choose from in Dark and Darker. As the name implies, the ranger class heroes can attack from any range or distance thereby dealing massive damage and inflicting severe attacks on enemies. Ranger class heroes deal ranged damage and have the best set of gears. The Ranger class heroes have weaker Armor and Health. Ranger heroes can be good AoE players with the best weapons and perks. Here are the best skills, perks, and weapons for the ranger class in Dark and Darker.

Dark and Darker Ranger Class – Best Skills

Dark and Darker Ranger Class Build
Ranger Class

Skills are completely different and unique from perks and here are the best skills of Ranger class heroes.

  • Quick Shot – You can load a couple of arrows and unleash fiery attacks from any angle. This is by far one of the best skillsets of the ranger class and don’t miss out on this skill
  • Multi Shot – This is another effective skill where you can unleash 5 arrows from any bow. The damage is doubled for multi shot skill. Multi shot skill will also stop your opponents’ powers for a while and you can gain a huge advantage with this skill every time
  • Field Ration – This is an essential skill for the ranger class as it helps to restore your ranger class’ health bar. With weaker HP for the ranger class, field ration skill is one of the effective skills.
  • Quick Fire – The attack speed is increased by 50% but only for a short duration. You will quickly be able to attack and kill your enemies. Quick fire skill also makes your attack harder and faster

Dark and Darker Ranger Class – Best Perks

You can use these perks to get the best results for ranger class heroes.

Dark and Darker Ranger Class Build
Ranger Class
  • Nimble Hands – Your attacks become faster and harder. Nimble Hands is a powerful perk for ranger class heroes in Dark and Darker
  • Sharpshooter – As the name suggests, your shots are powerful and you can kill your enemies in a single shot. Sharpshooter also helps you to get the best headshots.
  • Trap Expert – Ranger classes use traps for better results and this perk can increase the powers of traps and allows you to set the traps in a quick time
  • Tracking – This helps you to analyze your opponents’ attacking position and attack from the best range. You can find out your opponents’ weapons and many more things whenever this perk is activated
  • Crossbow Mastery – one of the best perks that helps you to load your weapons quickly. Crossbow Mastery also increases your mobility while using bows
  • Kinesthesia – Movement speed gets increased by 10% with a string and use this perk to move faster in the Dungeons
  • Enhanced Hearing – You will be able to know your enemies just by hearing their voices and you can find them without struggling hard

Dark and Darker Ranger Class – Best Weapons

There are a wide variety of weapons for the Ranger Class. The only disadvantage is there’s no Armor or Spells for the class ranger classes in the game. With the right set of weapons, you will get the best build for Ranger class Heroes in Dark and Darker. There are always a plethora of weapons in Dark and Darker and picking one for the ranger class should not be an issue for you.

Longbow, Spear, and Crossbow are the best weapons for Ranger heroes in Dark and Darker. Spear is the go-to weapon for rangers as it can unleash massive damage and attacks and again you can also pick other weapons to get the best weapon build for rangers in the game.

That’s everything you need to know about Dark and Darker ranger class build and strategies. Use these tips and tricks to get the best ranger class weapon build in Dark and Darker. We will come back with more Dark and Darker updates and guides soon.

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