Dan Bilzerian’s Unraveled Love Life: From Katie Bell to Hailey Grice, a Casanova’s Tale


Dan Bilzerian, known for his extravagant lifestyle online and off, boasts millions of followers on Instagram where he posts images with beautiful women. Furthermore, he is well known as an accomplished casanova who has had affairs with several women over time. Currently, he is married to Hailey Grice, who is a bikini model.

Dan Bilzerian
Dan Bilzerian

Sofia Bevarly was his most recent significant other; they met at a marquee pool party.

Leidy Amelia

Bilzerian has been linked with numerous women throughout his career, but unfortunately not all have lasted long-term. One such relationship was with Katie Bell who made frequent appearances alongside Dan in Instagram posts before the pair parted ways at the beginning of 2019. Katie credits Dan for helping her rise to stardom; other short-lived paramours include Morgan Hultgren, Suelyn Medeiros, Katie Palmer and Desiree Schlotz.

Leidy Amelia is a model who was linked to Dan Bilzerian during the summer of 2019. Although their meeting may have taken place through unknown means, they have since been seen hanging out together in Los Angeles and various parts of Europe.

Recently, he has been seen with American Instagram model Hailey Grice. They spent significant time together during the COVID-19 lockdown, but neither party has confirmed whether their relationship exists or not.

NameBackground/ProfessionRelationship with Dan BilzerianNotable Information
Dan BilzerianSocial media influencer, poker player– Linked with various womenKnown for his extravagant lifestyle and relationships.
Sofia BevarlyInstagram modelSignificant otherMet at a marquee pool party.
Leidy AmeliaModelLinked brieflySpotted with Dan in Los Angeles and Europe.
Hailey GriceInstagram modelSeen together during lockdownRelationship status not confirmed.
Katie BellInstagram modelDated brieflyCredited Dan for helping her rise to stardom.
Suelyn MedeirosAmerican modelLinked with DanReportedly dating each other.
Morgan HultgrenSwedish Instagram modelLinked briefly
Desiree SchlotzNot specifiedLinked briefly
Lindsey PelasNot specifiedRelationship ended quicklyReports of infidelity during their relationship.
Hannah PalmerAmerican model and influencerBriefly datedBoth kept relationship details private.

Katie Bell

Sofia Bevarly (aka Katiebellofficial on Instagram) is one of Bilzerian’s “sister wives.” Typically, Bilzerian pays these girls in alcohol and cocaine and often allows them to stay at his luxurious homes while helping promote his marijuana company.

Bikini model from Florida with an extensive social media following. She credits Bilzerian for helping to launch her into stardom. Furthermore, she is an advocate for domestic violence victims and works with several charitable organizations.

She sports a tattoo of a rose on her wrist and is an animal enthusiast. She enjoys attending music festivals as well as posting workout videos to Instagram regularly, travelling to exotic places with friends, practising yoga and spending time with her cat in her free time – she even keeps in regular contact with her mother!

Suelyn Medeiros

Suelyn Medeiros, an American model with millions of followers on Instagram, has gained fame through her association with Dan Bilzerian – a millionaire poker player. They have often been seen together at public and private places; furthermore, they have travelled together. Reportedly now dating each other.

Before Sofia Bevarly, Bilzerian had an unfortunate romance with another model named Lindsey Pelas that turned sour quickly; reports indicate he regularly cheated on her daily and had as many as 17 girlfriends every week during their relationship.

As well, he was linked with Swedish Instagram models Morgan Hultgren and Katie Bell. When Bell first sent her photos via DMed to him he immediately praised their beauty and asked her to visit LA where they went out together for one year; during which time Katie credits him for her rise to fame.

Hannah Palmer

Hannah Palmer, an American model and social media influencer from Ohio is well known for posting stunning pictures to her official social media accounts. Additionally, Hannah supports several non-profit organizations through charitable work.

She had been linked with Dan Bilzerian, whom she briefly dated for several months. They were often seen together at public events such as travel destinations; however, neither party would disclose details about their relationship publicly.

He has been linked with numerous women over time and earned himself a reputation as a Casanova. Many fans wonder if and when he will ever settle down.

Most of his romances have ended within months; these included Katie Bell, Suelyn Medeiros, Morgan Hultgren, and Desiree Schlotz. Recently, however, he has been seen with Instagram model Hailey Grice; together they have posted pictures together while Hailey boasts over 974 thousand followers on her account.


Dan Bilzerian’s romantic involvements have been the subject of much curiosity and gossip, with a long list of women he’s been linked to over the years. Despite his reputation as a Casanova, his relationships have often been short-lived, leaving fans wondering if he’ll ever settle down. But now he is married to Hailey Grice and living a happy life.