CSGO Operation Riptide: Features, modes, skins and more


CSGO’s Operation Riptide update brings many new skins, features and gameplay changes. Here is everything that you need to know about it.

CSGO’s last major update and operation ended in May 2021. Since then Operation Riptide is the newest update to the game that brings a ton of new content and gameplay changes. Operation Riptide is the eleventh Operation in the game. The last one was Operation Broken Fang. 

CSGO Operation Riptide
Operation Riptide (Valve)

CSGO Operation Riptide New Game Modes

Valve has added two new game modes for warming up. You won’t need to rely on community servers to warm up anymore. You can play the Free For All mode where you will have to survive on your own. They are also keeping the team deathmatch mode will have a different experience as that of the free for all mode. It looks like Valve is making some quality of life changes for the casual players who just want to have some fun.

For fans of the competitive mode, you can enjoy a shorter competitive game if you are strapped for time. The short competitive mode will have a first to 9 victory condition. It is estimated that the shorter competitive game will last for 25 minutes. They have not released any information about the ranking system for the short competitive mode. Valve has also introduced a system that will enhance your gaming experience with your friends. You can now play with your friends on Valve’s servers using new private queues. 

Riot Shield

The Riot Shield is a legendary weapon since the first Counter Strike was released. Valve is now adding the Riot shield to CSGO. The riot Shield will be available only in hostage maps for the Counter Terrorists. The Riot Shield can be used to block incoming bullets from the enemies. It will block all bullets from hitting you except for the legs. It will also have a set amount of HP after which it will break. This will stop any trolls in your game who want to take a shield and crouch in a corner. 

CSGO Operation Riptide new skins
New Skins in Operation Riptide

CSGO Operation Riptide Skins

The Operation Riptide patch will have the new Operation Riptide case. The Operation Riptide case will have 17 different community skins. The new Gamma Doppler finish can be obtained as players grind the new Operation. Along with these new 17 skins, Valve is also updating some of its old Skins. The Train, Mirage, Dust 2 and Vertigo collection skins will get a 2021 rendition. Players can obtain these new skins from the cases dropped by playing the game. 

CSGO Operation Riptide New Maps

Five new maps – Ravine, Extraction, Insertion II, Basalt, and County are being added to the game. County is an exclusive Danger Zone map that will be added in Operation Riptide. Basalt and Insertion II maps can be played in all game modes. The Ravine and Extraction maps will be playable only in the Wingman mode. 

M4A1-S, Deagle, Dust 2 changes

The silenced CT gun is receiving some much needed buffs. After the new update, the M4A1-S will do more damage via the body shots. The CTs don’t have a one headshot weapon but with this buff, the M4A1-S can be a viable option. As for the terrorists, the Dual Berrettas are getting a buff as their price is now changed from $500 to $300. This can have a significant impact on eco rounds considering the next change.

M4A1-S CSGO Operation Riptide
M4A1-S buffed in the new update

The bread and butter of eco rounds, the Deagle is getting a significant damage nerf. The gun will do less damage to the body after the update. A huge update to the utility of the game is being able to drop grenades. Players will be able to drop grenades to their teammates to keep the utility even. The best awping spot for the terrorists on Dust 2 is getting completely removed. Players won’t be able to AWP from T-Spawn to mid doors anymore. This is a huge change to one of the oldest maps in the game. 

CSGO Operation Riptide Minor Changes

In Demolition Mode, the max rounds have been reduced to 10 and the half time team swap has been eliminated. They have also reduced the round time and changed the weapons progression.

They have made some significant changes to vision after death. It has been reduced to 2 seconds from 3 seconds. Vision after headshot death has been reduced to 0.5 seconds from 1 second. 

Grind, Mocha, Pitstop, Calavera and Frostbite are no longer available for official matchmaking. 

The bomb site planting area has been increased on the map Ancient. A new 1v1 arena has been added for warm-up.

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