A crazy angle of Matt Ryan hitting the 3 pointer that forced overtime for the Los Angeles Lakers in their win against the New Orleans Pelicans has surfaced.

The Los Angeles Lakers came back from behind to defeat the New Orleans Pelicans in overtime in their latest game. The Lakers recorded their second successive win and came back from behind at the Crypto.com Arena to force overtime, all courtesy of an incredible 3-pointer from Matt Ryan right at the buzzer to help the Lakers keep themselves in the game.

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Matt Ryan hit a stunning 3

It was right at the end of the fourth quarter that the Lakers were only trailing the Pelicans by three points, however, the clock was on the visitors’ side. With the clock rapidly winding down, the Lakers needed somebody to come up with a bit of individual brilliance and they got just what they wanted when Matt Ryan came up with one of the most incredible three-pointers one can ever see.

With only three seconds on the clock remaining, the Lakers got the play underway with Austin Reaves who came up with a brilliant pass all the way to the other side where Ryan was waiting. With his feet dangerously close to the line, Ryan came up with an unbelievable three-pointer that went through the bucket the very instant as the buzzer went off – causing chaos in the stands.

If the three pointer did not already look unbelievable from one angle, a new angle of the jump shot has emerged that shows just how tough the shot from Ryan actually was.

What did the new angle of the Matt Ryan jump shot show?

The newly emerged angle of the jump shot gave more insight into the incredible jump shot that took the game into overtime.

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Matt Ryan

The new angle of the shot was one from right behind the hoop post, and was as close to the action as one fan possibly gets. While Reaves’ pass looked tougher, it was actually seen that Ryan had a quick look at his feet to make sure he was not overstepping – and then came up with an unbelievable touch of individual brilliance right at the stroke of the buzzer.

While pandemonium ensued instantly amongst the fans as well as the Lakers’ players, they kept their nerves and ground out a win in overtime. The Lakers will hope their run of form continues.

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