CM Punk made his WWE return by joining Fox’s Backstage

WWE has produced several quality wrestlers over the years. The current stars have a crazy schedule to go through as they are on the road for most of the year.

That schedule doesn’t always work out for some wrestlers and CM Punk claimed the excessive travel was one reason why he left the company.

Punk was speaking on The Herd and highlighted several issues with the wrestling promotion.

CM Punk
CM Punk is a former WWE Champion (Image credit: Getty)

CM Punk made his return to the company by joining Fox’s show WWE Backstage recently and is expected to make weekly appearances.

While speaking on The Herd, another Fox show, Punk criticised the creative element of the company. He wanted wrestlers to be themselves and not mouthing off the same content and compared the situation with the NFL.

Punk didn’t believe all quarterbacks should be running the same play time and time again.

Colin Cowherd, the host, asked Punk about his stardom and was just getting into another big question.

He wanted to ask which star was Punk’s favourite, but before he could complete the sentence, the former WWE star said: “Rowdy Roddy Piper”.

Piper was one of the top wrestlers in the business and was one of the most vocal talents too. The Canadian passed away in 2015, but his legacy has continued. Ronda Rousey styled some of her in-ring gear on Piper during her run in WWE.

Not the biggest guy in the ring

Cowherd pressed on and asked why Punk saw Piper as such an influence, and the former wrestler highlighted several reasons.

Punk claimed that he was surrounded by big stars in WWE, and Piper was also in a similar position during his time.

Rowdy Roddy Piper
Rowdy Roddy Piper is a legend in the wrestling business (Image credit: Getty)

Piper was also one of the best trash talkers and that was something that Punk saw in himself too.

Punk was one of the most outspoken guys during his time with WWE, and some of his promos were incredible.

Cowherd concluded by suggesting that Fox allows people to share their views, which could be a good thing for Punk.

The former wrestler isn’t pulling any punches since joining Fox. He did admit that being a WWE superstar helped him earn a lot of fame and allowed him to live the current lifestyle.

Punk claimed he didn’t want to become a superstar but that was the price to pay.


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