Clash Royale Cards Tier List April 2022


Find out the best cards in Clash Royale in our Tier List. Select the best spells, troops, win conditions, buildings, and air troops for your deck!

Clash Royale, developed by Supercell, contains over 100 cards, and the way they are put into decks makes separating the greatest and worst cards in 2021 a difficult endeavor. There’s no doubting that each card serves a distinct purpose, but some are somewhat superior to others, which is why we’ve made a Class Royale Cards tier list that ranks all of the game’s cards.

With the latest introduction of Champions in the game, the meta has completely shifted. Some cards have gotten considerably worse since they are easily countered by The Golden Knight, the Archer Queen, and the Skeleton King. The champions are in a tier of their own since they have such a huge impact on the game. But we have ranked all the other cards in the game. Here is our Clash Royale cards Tier List.

Clash Royale Cards Tier List

Clash Royale has mainly 3 different types of cards. They are playable troops, buildings, and spells. Spells can do direct damage to the enemy tower while the buildings can distract troops on the player’s side. The playable troops are further divided into Win Conditions, Troops, and Air Troops. Win Conditions are those troops who are the main damage dealers and will destroy an enemy tower.


S Tier spellEarthquakeRare
S Tier spellFireballRare
S Tier spellPoisonEpic
S Tier spellLogLegendary
S Tier spellTornadoEpic
A Tier spellZapCommon
A Tier spellGiant SnowballCommon
A Tier spellArrowsCommon
A Tier spellRoyal DeliveryCommon
A Tier spellRocketRare
B Tier spellLightningEpic
B Tier spellFreezeEpic
C Tier spellRageEpic
C Tier spellCloneEpic
D Tier SpellMirrorEpic
spells tier list clash royale
Different Spells in Clash Royale

Win Conditions

TierWin ConditionRarity
S TierBalloonEpic
S TierWall BreakersEpic
S TierMinerLegendary
S TierRoyal GiantCommon
A TierElectro GiantEpic
A TierMortarCommon
A TierHog RiderRare
A TierGraveyardLegendary
A TierLava HoundLegendary
A TierElixr GolemRare
A TierGolemEpic
A TierGoblin GiantEpic
B TierX-bowEpic
B TierSparkyLegendary
B TierSkeleton BarrelCommon
B TierRam RiderLegendary
B TierGiantRare
C TierGoblin BarrelEpic
C TierBattle RamRare
D TierThree MusketeersRare
Troops tier list clash royale
Different Types of Troops in Clash Royale


S TierKnightCommon
S TierElectro SpiritCommon
S TierFishermanLegendary
S TierIce GolemRare
A TierBanditLegendary
A TierDark PrinceEpic
A TierSkeletonsCommon
A TierP.E.K.K.A.Epic
A TierMega KnightLegendary
A TierLumberjackLegendary
A TierIce SpiritCommon
B TierPrinceEpic
B TierGiant SkeletonEpic
B TierRoyale GhostLegendary
B TierGoblinsCommon
B TierGoblin GangCommon
B TierRoyal RecruitsCommon
B TierMini PekkaRare
B TierValkyrieRare
B TierBarbariansCommon
B TierBattle HealerRare
C TierElite BarbariansCommon
C TierRascalsCommon
C TierNight WitchLegendary
C TierHeal SpiritCommon
D TierSkeleton ArmyEpic
D TierGuardsEpic
D TierFire SpiritCommon

Air Troops

S TierBatsCommon
S TierBaby DragonEpic
A TierFlying MachineRare
A TierSkeleton DragonCommon
A TierMega MinionRare
A TierElectro DragonEpic
B TierInferno DragonLegendary
C TierMinion HordeCommon
buildings tier list clash royale
Buildings in Clash Royale


S TierBomb TowerRare
A TierGoblin CageRare
A TierTeslaCommon
B TierTombstoneRare
B TierInferno TowerRare
C TierGoblin HutRare
C TierElixir CollectorRare
C TierBarbarian HutRare
D TierCannonCommon
D TierFurnaceRare

This was our Clash Royale Cards Tier List. You can select the best units in the game to make a deck. But you should also consider the synergy between your team as it can have huge impact on the game. You can download Clash Royale from the App Store and the Google Play Store

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