Clash of Clans Clock Tower – Full Upgrade Guide and How does it Work


Grab your tools to upgrade the clock tower in Clash of Clans to make things happen faster in your village. Here is a full upgrade guide on the clock tower of Clash of Clans to reap the maximum benefits of this Tower.

The clock tower in Clash of Clans is a building that can be repaired at building hall level 4. You can activate the clock tower will increase your builder base speed by 10 times faster than the normal speed. It is valid mostly for a short duration but it can be increased by upgrading the clock tower.

Clock Tower is a way to speed up resource collectors’ construction upgrade and Research timers in your village.

Builder's base in Clash of clans
Builder’s base in Clash of Clans

What is Clock Tower in Clash of Clans?

As mentioned above. The clock tower is a mode to improve your village’s development.

The clock tower was added in the May 22 2017 update with 5 levels. It then later again received an update on June 27th, 2017. In this update, it has 6 levels, and the cooldown is reduced from 8 hours to 7 hours. The clock tower duration was reduced by 50% to 2.5 minutes and the speed multiply was reduced from 10 x to 8X. The 2020 update of Clash of Clans brought a lot of changes to the clock tower. This update marriage so that the clock tower boost no longer pause during maintenance as maintenance will not affect the Builder base progress.

Clock Towers in Clash of clans
Clock Towers in Clash of clans

Before you can upgrade the clock tower it may appear like an obstacle much like the ruined clan Castle and cannot be moved around. The attacking troops will not be able to attack or destroy the clock tower and you don’t have to do so to achieve 100% destruction. When you have upgraded the clock tower you can move it around freely.

  • The clock Towers hand turns very fast when it’s boosting. It will not reduce the cool-down time of loot versus battles.
  • The clock tower will occasionally make a free boost available. Free boost is activated it will provide a 22-hour cool down before the next free boost is available.
  • If the clock tower is not active you can also activate it using gems. The clock tower potion can also be used to boost a clock tower for 30 minutes at any time the test duration is valid for any clock tower level and the portion works respective of whether the clock tower is active or not.

When you upgrade the clock tower when it disables its ability to boost during the upgrade. However, any existing boost will continue to be active for its normal duration.

You can use the clock tower boost when you are upgrading or researching something in the Builder base. The clock tower will not boost the master builder when he is working in your home village. The clock tower can stay useful to boost even if the star laboratory and builders are inactive. It speeds are resources production to a certain extent and gives you more hours worth of builder gold and Elixir.

You can also use the clock tower as a boost when you are trying to remove a lot of obstacles and get a lot of gems in no time. The clock tower is best placed outside the base as a distraction as it serves its purpose of Defence. Its 4 X4 space makes it difficult to fit within the walls.

In addition to that given its large size, it will be much easier to pick it up than the other buildings if defenses are not placed properly.

The clock tower in Clash of Clans can also be used to hide and opening in the walls which can lead to troops entering your Arena. It can also be used to funnel Troops into set-up traps.

Clock Tower Upgrades

Clock Towers upgrades
Clock Towers upgrades

Each time when you upgrade the clock tower depending on the level you will see Roman numerals on the left side that matches the level of the clock tower.

By upgrading the clock tower in Clash of Clans you will find many visual changes when it reaches levels 1,3,5,7, and 9

  • At level 1 the clock tower is rebuilt from its broken state but many parts are still in despair.
  • At level 2 the roof planks and reinforced.
  • In level 5 the ladder is walked by a cross in the front and you can also see the girls inside through the window on the side of the tower.
  • The holes in the trap door on top turn into a piece of metal on level 6.
  • in level 7 the front bottom part gets to openings with one rotating gear each. The two front pillars get extra reinforcements and decide to get more steps.
  • at level 7 the hatch at the top of the Tower is raised slightly which gives out a small opening through which you can see your Bell.
  • At level 9 the gears become Golden and the hatch at the top of the tower is reached higher. Pair ke also received railings on both sides to give support.

The Clock Tower can be a very helpful building for players who are looking to progress quickly in the Builder Base. It can be used to speed up the collection of resources, which can then be used to upgrade buildings and troops. The Clock Tower can also be used to speed up the research of new technologies, which can give players a significant advantage in battle.

By using the Clock Tower effectively, players can quickly build up their resources, upgrade their buildings, and research new technologies. This can give players a significant advantage in battle and help them to progress through the Builder Base more quickly. Thus we highly recommend that you use Clock Towers and keep it upgraded to reap its maximum benefits in Clash of Clans.

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